Recitals of all kinds: the music scene doesn’t go on vacation to Buenos Aires

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The Buenos Aires music scene doesn’t go on vacation and propose a variety of proposals which faithfully represent the traditional diversity that Buenos Aires has in its different scenarios.

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Popular music, tango, blues and jazz express the different projects that make this city a true cultural beacon. Among the proposals, the concerts of Pedro Aznar, Fernando Cabrera, Santiago Motorizado and La Vela Puerca in the cultural city of Konex; Luis Salinas and Malena Muyala, Bersuit Vergarabat at Torquato Tasso and Bebop they will perform trombonist Steve Davis with Mariano Loiácono & Big Orchestra, Adrián Iaies Trío, Inés Estévez, Pablo Ziegler and Mississippi singer JJ Thames.

One of the most interesting experimental groups will also be presented, Pan percussion, by Santiago Vazquez, with Mono Fontana, Sergio Verdinelli, Facundo Guevara and Nico Cota.

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A musical spinel rich in genres and styles that from next week will enrich this summer in Buenos Aires, where residents and tourists will be able to enjoy that characteristic artistic spirit of Buenos Aires.

At the Konex Parador

The Parador Konex opens its doors this Thursday 12 Januaryat 19, with the concert by Zoë Gotusso ($3,500); Friday 13th at 7pm Motorized Santiago ($2500); Saturday 14, at 8.00pm Peter Aznar ($6,000) and Sunday 22, at 8:00 pm, the Uruguayan singer-songwriter Fernando Cabrera ($5,000); Friday 26th at 7pm not pale ($4000).

Percussion group La Bomba de Tiempo ($2,000) performs every Monday at 8pm.

In February, Saturday 4, at 8pm. Juana Molina ($4000) and Tuesday the 21st and Wednesday the 22nd, at 8pm. The candle of the sow ($4500).

Information Konex Cultural City, Sarmiento 3131, reservations at

To Torquato Tasso

El Tasso, place of the tango if there are any, proposes on January 19, at 10 pm, The Salguero witch accompanied by Bruno Arias and Facundo Ramírez ($3,500); Friday 20th at 10pm Louis Salinas ($4,000); Saturday 21 and 28, Uruguayan singer Malena Muyala ($4,000); Thursday 26, 10.00 pm Bersuit Vergarabat ($7000).

In February, Thursday 2, at 10 pm, he will have the trio of the bandoneon player Rodolfo Mederos with the duo Juan Falú-Marcelo Moguilevsky ($4,000); Friday 3 and 10, at 10pm Lola Solá and Cucuza Castiello ($4000) and on Saturday, the duo of Ariel Ardit and Lidia Borda ($3500).

Torquato Tasso, Difesa 1575, reservations at

In C Arte Media

One of the surprises of the summer will be the presentation on Wednesdays in January and February, at 8.00 pm, at the group’s Villa Crespo headquarters Pan Percussiondirected by percussionist Santiago Vázquez with Mono Fontana, Nico Sorín and Nico Cota on keyboards, Sergio Verdinelli on drums and Facundo Guevara, Carolina Cohen, Tiky Cantero, Gonzalo Arévalo and Milo Moya on percussion.

C Art Media Complex, Corrientes 6271.

in Palermo bebop

The Bebop club will present its first “Summertime2023”, a cycle in which, in addition to jazz, some blues and rock are programmed.

On Friday 13 and Saturday 14 January, at 8.00 pm and 10.45 pm, the trombonist will perform Steve Davis, ex-Jazz Messengers, by Art Blakey and Chick Corea Origin, along with trumpeter Mariano Loiácono’s excellent Big Orchestra ($4,000); Thursday 16, 10.45 pm Juan Salinas & band ($1300); Saturday 21, at 8.00pm Adrian Iaies Trio ($1750) and at 10:45 pm, Ines Estevez in quintet ($2000); Friday 27, at 8.00 pm and Saturday 27, at 8.00 pm and 10.45 pm, the Brazilian trio current2014 Latin Jazz Grammy winner ($4500).

In February, on Saturday 3 at 10.45 pm, the singer Inés Estévez ($ 2,000) will once again be there; Wednesday 8, at 8.00pm Bernardo Monaco Orchestra ($1200); Thursday 8, at 10.45 pm, the South African trumpeter James McClure with the trio of Pía Hernández on piano, Diana Arias on double bass and Martín Frieberg on drums ($1,400); Friday 10 and Saturday 11, at 20:00 Pablo Ziegler Jazz Tango & Masae Shiwa ($2900). Saturday 11, at 10.45 pm, the Oscar Giunta-Mattias Nilson Special Project ($2200). Sunday 12, at 20:00, the Timeless trioby Leo Genovese, Mariano Otero and Sergio Verdinelli ($1,750).

On Wednesday 15, at 8.00 pm and Thursday 16, at 8.00 pm and 10.45 pm, the blues singer JJ Thames accompanied by the Cruxados Blues Band ($3,000); Friday 17 and Saturday 18, at 8.00 pm and 10.45 pm, the trio of anthony winsey on piano, Lonnie Plaxico on double bass and Carmen Intorre Jr on drums together with trumpeter Mariano Loiácono ($4,000) and on Saturday 25, at 8:00 pm, the singer Dolphin Oliver ($1750) will close Summer 2023.

Bebop, Uriarte 1658, reservations at


Source: Clarin

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