La Tora’s father has spoken out after his daughter told ‘Big Brother’ she was abused at age 9

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After the strong history of Lucila “La Tora” Villar in gBig Brotherwhere she told her classmates that she was abused when she was 9, her father spoke up Barbarossa (Telephone, from Monday to Friday at 9.30).

Although the young woman had already told what had happened outside her home, now, having returned to the repechage, she opened up to the other participants and she burst into tears

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“At the age of 9 I experienced domestic abuse. I didn’t count it until I was 24 to protect my family and because I felt guilty about what happened to me,” she said.

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And he said that from that moment his life was at risk: “Based on that abuse, I bonded with the worst and best people. I had a boyfriend who was even in the paco. I was in anyone. I manage to separate myself from him and go into the night. Every week, every day in alcohol, in easy sex. It was like self-punishment, I went to dance and slept with whoever I wanted”.

“At a certain point in my life I couldn’t take it anymore and it was following that life at night, of everything, or die. I thought about killing myself”he remembered.

Now, Jorge, the young woman’s father, spoke to Georgina Barbarossa about her daughter’s strong statements and was super mobilized.

“My soul hurts”, He began by saying, and said that it all started in 2013 when he went to live in Tucumán for work.

“It hurts,” Tora’s father said of his daughter’s story

“I found out not too long ago. Despite everything she’s been through it’s horrible, it is a life resilient. To be able to get rid of that backpack… Because it’s very difficult to carry. It’s a difficult subject. I know the story firsthand and it hurts,” she added.

“I didn’t know, I didn’t realize. If I had found out at that moment, the story would have been different,” he said.

At the same time, Jorge said he wouldn’t say more than she said. “I’m not going to break a deal with my daughter”concluded on this.

The present of the Torah in Big Brother, according to his father

Also, Jorge Villar talked about his daughter’s new stage in reality, after being eliminated and chosen to re-enter again.

“He came in with a different type of game, with several substitutions underneath, much calmer. It no longer reacts as it did in the beginning. It would have been sad if it had come out and not evolved,” he said.

“Before he defended everyone, now he doesn’t anymore. It is more what it is now than before. In everyday life she is a calm and hardworking woman, a good friend. I stay more with this one than the other,” analyzed by comparing the old version of her and the new one of her.

The Torah and How He Overcame the Abuse Episode

In the conversation with her classmates, Lucila said when she thought about killing herself, she called her best friend. “She My best friend came, we talked, she calmed me down. I know the church, God, the gym and I start talking,” she said.

“There I started to tell some people about what I went through and then it was time to tell my parents, who It was the biggest fear I had“, He added.

Additionally, she recommended that women going through similar situations share their feelings. “Talking heals, and that too with the help of a psychologist”he assured.


Source: Clarin

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