How was Jeff Beck’s last concert with Johnny Depp

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The death of JeffBeck continues to rock the world of rock and music. The legendary British guitarist died on Tuesday at the age of 78 from bacterial meningitis. One of the most affected by the news is Johnny Deppfriend and collaborator of the musician in recent years.

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Exactly two months ago, Beck took to the stage at the Grand Sierra Theater in Reno, Nevada (USA), a concert that yesterday became the last of his illustrious career. Obviously neither he nor his band knew that November 12, 2022 show would be their farewell.

The presentation was part of Beck’s latest tour with his band and the actor from Pirates of the Caribbean, he also became a guitarist. The two had become friends in 2016, and over time they began to collaborate, both in the studio and live.

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Confirmed the sad news of his death, it is worth remembering what was the concert that Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp held together in the city of entertainment closest to Las Vegas.

Farewell with praise and paradox

The tour that Beck and Depp embarked on in 2022 had the album as its main frame 18 -launched in July of last year-, an album they recorded collaboratively and composed largely of versions by other artists.

Because of this, many of the songs on that last Reno show belonged in that material, including classics like Caroline, no. of the Beach Boys and Venus in fur by the Velvet Underground.

There were also many original compositions by Beck. The song that opened the recital was Highway traffic jam and that famous guitarist’s instrumental recorded in 1975. Wandering Cannon, Big Block, Star Cycle Y You never know it was Beck’s other songs playing that night.

a round finish

More than 2,500 people attended Beck’s last concert with Depp, including Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale, who raved about the performance at the Grand Sierra Theater after the show.

A paradox: the piece that closed the concert was a version of Show Death and Resurrection, by London post-punk band Killing Joke. Obviously the title of the song now has another meaning.

The truth is, in retrospect, the November 12 show ended up being a final round for a short-tour duo that many will remember.

Depp’s only original single to make the setlist was This is a song for Miss Hedy Lamarra song that the actor proposed to Beck and that his friend didn’t hesitate to record together.

“I sent Jeff a very bold message and said, ‘I’m not asking you to play me, that’s not what I’m doing,'” Depp told the site. authentic Hollywood.

“Don’t feel pressured at all. I’m just sending you this song I wrote. Of course if you want to play, that’s fine. But I’m not asking, I would never do that to our friendship,'” Johnny recalled.

Beck answered as a friend does. “Send me the sheet music, you bastard.”

Beck and Depp: kindred spirits

“When Johnny and I started playing music together, it sparked our creativity and our youthful spirit,” Beck explained at the time, describing the Hollywood star as a “kindred spirit.”

In 2020, the duo released their first song recorded together.: an inversion of solitude, Theme by John Lennon. Depp later admitted that Beck helped keep him “alive, healthy and happy” during her defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

“They had a very close friendship, they were extremely close, and he got even closer last summer when they were on tour together,” People magazine reported yesterday. “The disease has come on very quickly and everything has gotten worse rapidly in the last couple of weeks,” she added.

According to that medium, Depp was one of those who “stood by Jeff’s bed” accompanying his friend with “a few other rock stars” in Beck’s final minutes. “Johnny is still processing this news. it is devastated“, To add.


Source: Clarin

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