The creator of the famous animated series Rick and Morty will be tried for violence

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Justin Roland, animated series creator rick and morty, and who does the voices of the two main characters, the faces a domestic violence trial against an ex-girlfriend.

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Roiland, one of the inventors of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim’s hit cartoon, awaits trial after being charged Domestic violence. A criminal complaint is information obtained from The Associated Press agency.

On Thursday, January 12, prosecutors in Orange County, California charged Roiland with 42 years oldof “bodily harm and deprivation of liberty for threats”, furthermore the case speaks of “fraud, violence and deception against the woman”, with whom he lived at the time.

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The woman has not been publicly identified and her identity is only in the court records. To all this, Roiland pleaded not guilty.

The incident in question would have occurred in January 2020 and Roiland was only indicted in May of that year, though the allegations apparently went largely unnoticed by the media until NBCNews brought them headlines Thursday when a preliminary hearing was held in the case.

Several media outlets in the United States have sent emails asking Roiland’s attorney for any comments and also representatives of Cartoon Network, which broadcasts Rick and Mortybut there hasn’t been a response yet from any of the sources.

Roiland is expected to return to court in April.he. The trial date has not yet been set.

An animated fury

Roland and Dan Harmon created the sci-fi animated comedy series about a mad scientist and his nephew, voiced by Roiland. The series ran for six seasons on Cartoon Network as part of its late night adult lineup. Adult Swim and the last thing we know is that it has been renewed for a seventh season.

Justin Roiland grew up on an orchard in Manteca, California. Work began in early 2004 channel 101, a collective medium originally from Los Angeles where he made and starred in numerous short films such as The show and the Cosby’s room.

Throughout his career he has dedicated himself to the voice of various characters such as Oscar in minnows and The Count of Limoncio, in Adventure time. The series that made him famous follows the misadventures of a scientist, Rick Sanchez, and his easily influenced nephew Morty, who spend their time between domestic life and space and intergalactic travel.

These adventures are interspersed throughout each episode with domestic family dramas more typical of the genre. sitcoms.​ Dan Harmon described this fusion of science fiction and familiar setting as a mix of influences “between the two works by Matt Groening: The Simpsons and Futurama”.

On the other hand, the controversial Roiland said that each episode is made thanks to “his point of view”.

“It all started with a fascination with virtual reality and for seeing all that could be done in that space,” he said. Rick and Morty one of the great pleasures of all viewers is to find references and homages to pop culture, such as his bizarre and hilarious version of Back to the Future.


Source: Clarin

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