The cross between Érica Rivas and an Intruders notary: “Tell your friend not to touch me”

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While the show Spouses with children continues with great success at the Teatro Gran Rex, Erica Rivaswho fell (or was dropped) with the scandal of the project, is in Mar del Plata and performs functions of his work, What’s going on here today?

In the intruders (America, Monday to Friday at 1.30pm) They went to ask the actress’s opinion on the show played by Guillermo Francella and Florencia Peña, and on Jorgelina Aruzzi’s performance, which somehow replaces the role played by María Elena Fuseneco , the Character of Rivas, in the story.

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However, Érica was not at all comfortable with the questions of the reporter González Vázquezwhich ended up arguing with a person accompanying the actress when she entered the theater.

“Everything is fine, are you?” Érica said at the beginning of the conversation with the notero, as she continued on her way to enter the theatre. “I’ve already said everything, if you want to come here I invite you”added the actress when Vázquez asked her about the stage success of Married with Children.

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“” Does it make you miss not being there? Do you want to comment something? There is a lot of talk, have you seen … “, the reporter then insisted when he saw that she was avoiding him. “I invite you. Come, it’s almost full,” Érica reiterated. Meanwhile, Vázquez noticed the attempt of the actress’s partner to remove it from the place.

“Why are you touching me?” Vázquez asked. And then he turned to Erica: “Tell your friend not to touch me? Thank you.”

After the note, in dialogue with Florencia de la Ve, the notero recounted his version of what happened. “When he arrives with the boy who accompanied him, who was his bodyguard. I had a suitcase which I put in front of me. And the third time he gives it to me, I’m like, ‘I’m not doing anything to him, I’m just asking him about this issue with all due respect.without being rude. So run out of the way,” she said.

“It was very difficult. There are people more papists than the Pope”Vazquez added.

“Erica Rivas is very sorry”

Well, Sebastian pampito Perello Aciar, speaker of the program, revealed the reason for Erica’s discomfort with respect to the theme Married with children. “She is the widow of Married with children. She is very sorry. She asked to come back and was told no twice. She wants to die. The work is spectacular and she missed doing something amazing so close to people. Her character would have been spectacular to bring down the line that she wanted. Aruzzi’s character always treats Pepe (the role of Francella) as machirulo, retrograde…”.

“Érica Rivas regretted it, but everything she said was very harsh. It left Florencia Peña in a very bad position, above all”Guido Záffora contributed, recalling the email that the actress sent to the production with her requests.

“She said many atrocities, leaving everyone in a very bad position. If you want, get off, but don’t destroy everyone in a project that is going very well. She missed being a millionaire,” added Pampito.


Source: Clarin

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