A neighboring country has the fastest internet connection in the world – where did Argentina rank?

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When it’s time to talk fixed speed broadband internet, a South American country surprisingly overtakes several powers in the main ranking. According to the latest study by OKLAbased on the global Speedtest index, kilos stands at its apex top 10, ahead of giants like China or Singapore.

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The Trans-Andean country is ahead of the rest of the countries analyzed in the OOKLA report in terms of fixed broadband speeds. His technicians scored there 216.46 megabits per second (Mbps), a figure with which it surpasses the rest of the countries that make up the TOP 10, which completes the list China (214.58Mbps), Singapore (214.23) e Thailand (205.63), among others. In the ranking they appear for example United States of Americawith 189.48, Hong Kong (194.35) or United Arab Emirates (186.76Mbps).

Chile already occupied a relevant place in the 2021 ranking, albeit limited to second place, behind Singapore. In any case, it is not the only report that highlights the speed of the Latin American country.

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In March 2022, the Uswitch website released its assessment of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) nations enjoying faster broadband and placed Chile in the lead, with one average download speed of 189.36 Mbps.

Globally, OOKLA records found that mobile download speeds have increased nearly 17% over the past year, while fixed broadband has grown by at least 28%.

Similarly, the Speedtest Global Index also provides internet speed ratings in some major cities around the planet. And that chapter Chile is doing equally well, although, yes, without achieving absolute leadership. Yours the table for fixed broadband surpasses it beijing, with 238.86 Mbps; but in second place is Valparaíso, with 222.75, which allows it to overtake other major cities on the planet, such as Shanghai (221.85), New York (218.04), Bangkok (217.19) or Madrid, which creeps into the TOP 10 with 196.70 .

On the other hand, Chile shines in the speed of fixed broadband, but not in mobile. That TOP 10 is in the lead Qatarwith 176.18 Mbps, followed by the United Arab Emirates (139.41) and Norway (131.54).

The conclusion of the latest Speedtest Global Index ranking is not entirely surprising. Months ago, it already elevated Chile to the top of its TOP 10. The presence of multiple ISPs and the recent expansion of the Network in the Latin American country, which has deepened during the COVID-19 pandemic, has made it possible for It it becomes common for Chilean homes to have connections of 100 megabytes or more.

Argentina in internet connection speed ranking

Across the Andes, our country is very far from performance in terms of speed connection held by Chile.

According to this same report distributed by Speedtest, the 60.25 megabytes offered by Argentina put it in the rank 65 below Peru (60), Paraguay (57), Brazil (30) and Colombia (39). However, it surpasses Mexico, Italy, Australia in this category.

But why is Argentina not among the 50 countries with the best connection speed index? In principle, it is important to understand that, in general, Internet speed depends on the infrastructure or type of cabling (copper or optical fiber) that a country uses to support its internet service. In general, the newer the infrastructure, the faster the connection.

The proximity of the connection to submarine cables matters, as these massive fiber optic cables carry around 97% of the world’s communications data.

The size of a country is another influencing factor, as land area affects how much it costs to improve infrastructure. The smaller the country, the cheaper is to upgrade the wiring.

Finally, as expected, private investment also makes a difference between faster or slower connection speeds in homes, as well as how much a government prioritizes internet accessibility.


Source: Clarin

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