Thiago from “Big Brother” asked for an exchange thermos: he received criticism and the memes exploded

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After leaving the house Big Brother (Telefe) by public vote, Thiago Medina He has recovered his cell phone and has already placed an order with his followers on Instagram, where he already has more than 595,000 users.

“Who’s okay with a trade? I need a Stanley thermos. I have mate but I need a thermos!! I’ve always wanted one!! Write in private… Thank you!!”, was the request of the young man from González Catán.

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Fresh from reality shows, Thiago, 20, wants to make the most of the opportunity that life has given him with what has been his participation for almost three months in the most famous house in the country and already Try to enjoy its popularity.

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So much so that after a few hours of recovering his electronic devices and seeing that his social networks had grown a lot, Thiago did not hesitate to make his first celebrity request. Of course, he didn’t do it in the most elegant way, nor with the courtship with which various media celebrities are treated, who may be asking the same thing but in a more decorous and not so direct way.

After Thiago’s message on his Instagram, which he would later delete from his stories, the word Stanley It was trending on Twitter and it has not yet been revealed whether the thermos brand has decided to give him a gift after the public request he made.

The memes after the request made by Thiago on Instagram

Although Thiago received a lot of criticism for the message he posted on his Instagram Stories, many Twitter users took the post humorously and filled the bird’s social network with memes.

“Hi, I’m Thiago’s mother. He needs a Stanley thermos, a stove and a gas system to be able to drink the mate. If possible, if someone has the time and can make tortilla chips so we can accompany the mate, better Yes or yes before the rain goes away,” wrote one user wryly.

Another, in the same tone and sharing a photo of a high-end car, snapped: “Who’s cool to trade? I need a Ferrari car. I want to drive it but I don’t have a car. I’ve always wanted to have one. Pm me.”

“For Thiago I have a job swap. See if it works for you, king,” he tweeted and shared a photo with six shovels, implying that the last eliminated should get a job.

The truth is, not everyone was critical of the former reality player. Some users of world 2.0 have come out to defend it and have pointed out to Internet users that they have achieved it with Thiago, but not with the rest of the participants who make all kinds of exchanges and nobody questions them.

“Bah, this guy just annoys them, the rest of the idiots who live in the stock market don’t move a hair”criticized a tweeter. In this sense, a user made a comparison between Thiago’s request for a thermos and a message that Coti uploaded in which he promoted a paid online betting action. “Coti invents messages to hide the exchange,” he underlined.


Source: Clarin

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