Big Brother: Julieta sowed doubts about Camila’s relationship with Alfa and gave her opinion to Santiago Del Moro

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In the Big Brother 2022 (Telefe, at 21:45), the cycle conducted by Santiago Del Moro, Julieta has sown doubts about the type of relationship that Alfa and Camila have. Is there sexual tension or not between the oldest contestant of the reality show and the 21-year-old girl who signed up for the competition in the repechage instance? That question was asked by Julieta to her friends Romina and Daniela.

The particular relationship between Alfa and Camila not only attracts the attention of Julieta. Therefore, up to Santiago Del Moro ended up expressing his point of view on the matter, live, in the Big Brother debate hosted by Telefe.

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“I see strange things… He brings his face closer…”, Julieta confided to Daniela about the relationship between Camila and Alfa. And she pointed out: “He doesn’t behave like that with us”.

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When Romina joined the group, Julieta explained: “I was telling Dani that I see a strange situation… Recently, Cami pretended to give her a pineapple and Alfa brought her face closer and said: ‘Go on , rejoice”. I and I say: ‘What’s wrong with you, stop it?’, Julieta reflected.

And to better illustrate where her astonishment comes from, Giulietta asks a rhetorical question: “Who sleeps like this holding hands?”. He was referring to the situation in which Alfa and Camila were sleeping embraced on the sofa.

Then Daniela intervened: “The Torah told me: “I don’t understand what Camila is doing, but if it’s a game, where does it want to go?”“.

After hearing the comments of both, Romina was careful. “I don’t know, girls. I don’t know Camila…” she specified- We know that she came from outside (referring to the fact that she entered the repechage). PFrom what I see in their attitudes, I feel like they’re playing again. Alright then. I don’t see him playing in a harmful way.”

“But what makes me noise is that he always says ‘I don’t play, I don’t play’ -added the former deputy-. I feel that with the role he is playing he is doing very well outside. But as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, everyone plays the way they want“.

Santiago Del Moro’s opinion on the link between Alfa and Camila

After broadcasting that conversation between Julieta, Romina and Daniela, in the debate on Big Brother they discussed the bond between Alpha and Camila.

Santiago Del Moro made a bet to express his opinion. “Camila seems to me to be a very clever girl, very smart, but she is a girl,” he began. I think the situation has, to some extent, gotten out of hand.”.

Source: Clarin

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