The Screen Actors Guild of America backed Alec Baldwin for the tragic filming of Rust

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The Film Actors Guild of America (SAG-Aftra) considered this Thursday that the “manslaughter” charges against Alec Baldwinfor the death of the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins during the filming of Rustrespond to an “erroneous” and “unfounded” decision.

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“The prosecutor’s statement that a plaintiff has a duty to ensure the proper functioning of a weapon of fire in a recording studio is not correct, on the contrary: it is wrong and also without foundation”, argues a furious statement released by said organization.

Responsibility for the use of firearms on a recording set should rest with the experts and not the performer himself, so Hutchins’ death would not be the result of “a criminal act nor a resignation of functions” by Baldwin, according to the conjecture of this institution that represents more than 160,000 film and radio professionals.

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“Anyone who receives a firearm on a film set should receive training and guidance in its safe handling and use,” the statement continued.

The text comes in response to this Thursday’s decision by the Attorney of the First Judicial District of the state of New Mexico (USA), Mary Carmack Altwiesto bring “criminal manslaughter charges” against the actor and also against “the armor” and head of Rust’s security protocol, Hannah Gutiérrez Reed.

Will there be an agreement?

Alec Baldwin, who also served as a producer on the film in question, could face criminal prosecution unless he strikes a plea deal.

Carmack-Altwies announced the charges after months of speculation about Baldwin’s involvement in the event, which triggered a weapon “containing live ammunition, when these types of bullets are prohibited during shooting.”

Hutchins received a batting average of shot in the chest and the director of the film, Joel Souzahe was also injured rehearsing a scene with Baldwin himself in Santa Fe County, New Mexico October 21, 2021.

Baldwin – known for films such as Pearl Harbor He has already declared himself “innocent” in several media interviews, arguing that the responsibility for ensuring the safety of weapons in Rust was not assigned to him, but to Gutiérrez Reedthat he never pulled the trigger and that the gun exploded because it was faulty.

A version that contradicts an August report in which several FBI analysts say that “the gun has been tested and it worked normally“and that to shoot, you had to have pulled the trigger.

Investigators were prima facie able to find more than 500 shell casings in the shooting studio outside Santa Fe, “a mix of blanks, dummy shells, and what looked like real bullets“. Subject matter specialists argued that this ammunition should never have gone into a recording set.

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