Covid, the prize that no one wants to take home, and the fear of contagion from the stars

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Steven Spielberg He just confessed that he thought his latest film, The Fabelmans, it would indeed be the last he would direct. When the Covid-19 pandemic began, he believed it would be a mass extinction event. Fortunately, his apocalyptic vision did not come true. But three years into the pandemic, when many are starting to think it’s already out of action, the virus is still lingering in Hollywood.

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With much anticipation, awards season kicked off last week, which will conclude with the Oscars in March, with Covid-19 making its way onto the red carpet of the golden globe. At least 5 participants in that ceremony were infected and were unable to attend the delivery of the Critics Awards, just five days later. In this ceremony, on Sunday, the treatments were strengthened and negative tests became mandatory.

The most epic photo to illustrate the not-so-invisible presence of the virus was the kiss on the mouth between actors Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson, co-stars of the spirits of the island (The Banshees of Inisherin), after Farrell won the Golden Globe for Lead Actor and the film won the grand prize. Colin said the two of them were like a dance partner.

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On Tuesday they were infected and on Sunday they had to miss the Critic’s Choice Awards where they were also nominated. Neither actress Jamie Lee Curtis (‘Fuck Covid’ whore on Instagram) could be a part of the CCA game, missing out on the opportunity to take the stage with the rest of the cast when All everywhere at the same time won for best picture.

Michelle Pfeiffer, who would have presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to friend Jeff Bridges, had to limit herself to praising him from her goals and was replaced at the ceremony by actor John Goodman.

The co-creator of the series Tricks it was fifth down.

Steven Spielberg’s pessimism

When the pandemic began, watching President Donald Trump’s administration downplay it, Spielberg believed that humans weren’t telling the story this time around. In the podcast of actors Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett, he assured that he spent all his time watching the struggle between politics and science on TV, and that he thought that if he was going to make one last film, he should to be The Fabelmansa semi-autobiographical story that is making the rounds of prizes.

By the time he sat down to write the script, he says, 250,000 Americans had already died. He came to think of retiring from directing, but he thought it was good to bequeath that film that had been spinning in his head for so long.

What the Actors Guild says

In October, when they were about to end, the unions extended the anti-Covid protocols until at least January 31, while talks with Hollywood studios continue. The productions are usually divided into four zones, tests, masks, social distance are required.

Actress Jessica Chastain is the one they prefer to protect themselves from and wears a glitter mask on the red carpets. Not all of your colleagues feel the same way. There are many actors who are not hired because they are not vaccinated and report feeling discriminated against.

Actress Fran Drescher, president of the Actors Union (SAG), says she believes in the work that vaccines did at the start of the pandemic, she is vaccinated herself, but assured in December that she wants to fight for the thousands of jobless actors for not wanting to get vaccinated for religious or health reasons.

The former nanny He suggests polling union members to see what they think. Protocol or no protocol. That’s the question.


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