Heartbreaking message from Dani Alves’ wife: ‘I’ve lost the only two pillars of my life, have empathy’

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Joana Sanz is a Spanish model and, since July 2017, wife of the Brazilian footballer Daniele Alves, arrested for sexual abuse in Barcelona. They were together in Spain because her mother had died a few days earlier of untreated uterine cancer because she suffered from a mental illness.

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In the midst of a tough duel, Sanz saw her husband taken to prison accused by a woman of raping her in the bathroom of a dance club in Barcelona on December 30. And in the last few hours, through her Instagram account, posted a heartbreaking message asking for ’empathy’ and ‘respect’basically, a paparazzi who guard the door of his house.

“I ask the outside media to respect my privacy at this time. My mother died a week ago. I’ve just started to assume she’s not around to be nagged about my husband’s situation anymore“, churches.

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I have lost the only two pillars of my life, have a little empathy instead of looking for lots of news in the pain of others. Thank you “, she wrote in a story on the social network where she has 756,000 followers.

Dani Alves, in prison and without bail

The Brazilian soccer player was arrested this Friday Brians 1 prison, half an hour from the center of Barcelona, for the alleged rape, which took place on December 30, of a woman at the Sutton nightclub in that Catalan city.

The investigating judge of the case determined the custody without bail for the former Barcelona side, ​​who denied having had sexual relations with the young complainant, a story that does not agree with the evidence (traces and biological traces) analyzed by the Mossos d’Esquadra, the Catalan police.

The young woman’s statement, on the contrary, was coherent and solid, according to judicial sources cited by the newspaper El País. presumably, The footballer committed the assault on the night of Dec. 30 at the Sutton nightclub and returned to Mexico a few hours later to play for the Pumas.

The 23-year-old victim reported Alves on Jan. 2 for non-consensual contact. With the new criminalization of the crime, the term sexual abuse for behaviors such as touching has been eliminated from the Spanish penal code, and everything has been included in the term sexual assault.

After showing up at the Barcelona police station where he had been summoned, the player was arrested and went to court. The private prosecution exercised by the plaintiff was added to the request for precautionary custody by the Public Prosecutor. The investigating judge must now decide whether to order the player’s imprisonment.

Alves, 39 years old, He admitted that he had been clubbing that daybut from the beginning he denied having attacked the woman who denounced him: “When you choose to go to the bathroom, you don’t have to ask who is in the bathroom to go to the bathroom”, She said. He also stated: I was there, in that place, with more people enjoying themselves. Without invading the space of others. I don’t know who that lady is.”.

Dani Alves was left without a club: Pumas de México broke his contract

The board of the club to which Dani Alves has arrived on 21 July, after the non-renewal of the contract with Barcelona, has announced that he has terminated the contract he had with the Brazilian star deeming it “unsustainable” after being jailed in Barcelona on charges of sexual assault against a woman.

In a statement, the team owned by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) said the player “ceased to belong” to the team due to his troubles with the law, which caused a big surprise among the fans.

The decision is due to the “commitment” of the team “not to tolerate acts of any member of the institution, whoever they may be, who violate the university spirit and its values“.

Leopoldo Silva, president of the club, said that Pumas is “an institution that promotes respect and honest, dignified and professional behavior on and off the field of its actors” and cannot “allow one person’s behavior to damage our work philosophy”.

The team had rewarded allowed Alves to travel to Barcelona last week to attend his mother-in-law’s funeral but was taken aback by the sudden arrest of the 39-year-old fullback.

Source: Clarin

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