As will “Commander Fort”, which will show the B side of one of the most beloved characters

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Ricardo Fort, the media businessman, lover of Miami and expensive cars, and who has become famous for his eccentricity exhibited above all by Argentine television, will have the first of a series of documentaries on his figure. Indeed, Strong Commander It will be released from the Star+ platform this Wednesday January 25th.

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The documentary, through interviews with family and friends, along with Unedited images and original recreationswill seek, in his four episodes“unravels” the story of Fort’s origin, rise to fame, and sudden death of the heir to the centennial Argentinean Felfort chocolate factory.

Fort began his artistic career in disobey the mandate of the family “only being a businessman” to pursue singing, but a frustrated career as a performer in the American city of Miami forced him to return to Buenos Aires, where he continued with the family business, the chocolate factory.

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But passion is stronger

However, his passion for the show was stronger and in two months his popularity grew by participating in television programs such as the ultra popular Show matchled by Marcelo Tinelli, where he excelled in the segments of Sing for a dream Y Dancing for a dream. There, furthermore, Fort allowed himself to install his reflections on taboo subjects in society.

His proximity to celebrities and knowledge of Buenos Aires nightlife have allowed him to gain a space to showcase his eccentric private life managed to go viral on YouTubesomething that later allowed him to create his own reality show.

This allowed him to sing and act again, be a theater producer and even a television host in the Night Show at the Fort, a customized cycle and which saw the light on the América canal. All of this was a cocktail guaranteed to explode a glimpsed addiction to fame.

How is the documentary

The documentary reconstructs the life of the “Chocolatero” – nickname by which he was known – through the testimonies of his children, brothers and his ex-partner, Gustavo Martínez, who died last year after falling from the balcony of a building, in a probable suicide. It was he who looked after Fort’s two sons, after the entrepreneur’s death and until the boys achieved legal independence.

Shot between Buenos Aires and Miami From the production house 20/20 films, the series deals with themes such as Fort’s sexuality, the cruelty of the television celebrity system and the extreme manipulation of bodies, which cross the personal history of the media.

The multi-artist He went through an operating room up to 27 times to improve his appearance; These include surgeries on the face and body and even an plant three inches of heels to be tallerwhich has affected his body, making it more fragile.

In the last years of his life he went to the hospital several times, especially for severe pain in his spine and in his left knee, which he calmed down by taking large doses of tranquilizers.

His death on November 25, 2013 was caused by a “cardiac arrest associated with massive gastrointestinal bleeding”while he was hospitalized for a broken femur.

According to the official statement: “The series explores beyond his public image, revealing Fort’s painful personal history, and invites the audience to reflect and understand pbecause it is still alive in people’s hearts nine years after his death, becoming a myth and a legend to a multitude of fans who still revere him today”.

Source: Clarin

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