A Netflix blockbuster is a candidate to win the Razzie Award for worst film of the year and the controversy grows

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Just as there are Oscars, there are anti-Oscars. The awards that “recognize” the worst of the year in Hollywood. Are the “Raid” and the nominations for the 43rd episode are already among us.

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The Razzies try to provoke. For this reason, although most of the films in competition are indisputable commercial and critical failures, there is usually one nomination each year that generates controversy.

In the 2023 edition the speech revolves around the eight! nomination for Rubia (Blonde), one of the most important Netflix blockbusters of the previous year.

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The idea was that the film about the life of Marilyn Monroe competed strongly at the 2023 Oscars, but the “N” was shot from behind. Rubia is nominated for Worst Picture, Worst Director and Worst Screenplay at the Razzie Awardsamong other categories.

to the luck of Ana de Armasprotagonist of the film, her name does not appear among the candidates for Worst Actress.

The appointment did not convince everyone

Blonde’s controversial appearance at the Razzie can be taken as a provocation considering its high production cost, the team of renowned professionals who worked on it, and the positive reviews it received.

“‘Blonde’ was nominated in eight categories at the Razzie Awards, including Worst Picture and Worst Director, while one like ‘Everything Everywhere at the Same Time’ was completely omitted. I think awards season in Hollywood needs to close It’s pure nonsense,” the critic tweeted. Yasser Medina.

“Naming Blonde is the typical trip to the pot for this old-fashioned Razzie nonsense to talk about them. The image is painful. And Blonde is a huge yes for me,” said another person on Twitter, for example.

another surprise

The other name that caught the attention among the protagonists of Razzie 2023 is that of Tom Hanks. The actor appears among the nominees for the worst male performance of the year for his work in Disney’s Pinocchio.

In Robert Zemeckis’ film, the double Oscar winner plays Geppetto. Despite being a star of undoubted fame, Razzie voters haven’t ignored the version’s dubious artistry. live from the Disney animated classic.

The Netflix premiere of Pinocchio by Guillermo del Torowhich quickly ranked among the best animated films of the year and is the leading candidate to win an Oscar in its field.

The Worst Movie of 2022 category is completed with Pinocchioof Disney; Good morning; the king’s daughter Y Morbio.

In the worst actor, in addition to Hanks appear Machine gun Kelly (Good morning); pete davidson (Marmaduca), Jared Leto (Morbius) e Sylvester Stallone (Samaritan).

And the one for Worst Actress consists of Ryan Kiera Armstrong (fire starter), Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic Park: Domination) Diane Keaton (Mack and Rita) Kaya Scodelario (The King’s Daughter) e Alice Silverstone (The Requin).

Who votes in the Razzie?

Vote for the Razzie Awards anyone who pays the entry fee to the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation, the organization that organizes them.

The Razzies, whose official name is golden raspberrywere created by the film critic John JB Wilson in 1980 and are held every year on the eve of the Oscars.

They are, in some ways, a comedic response to the Hollywood Academy Awards and take place in a ceremony similar to the Oscars, awarding statuettes to the few who dare show up.

Source: Clarin

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