He spent all his savings on a birthday party, but nobody went

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The sad situation went viral on social media. A young woman spent her savings to celebrate the birthday of her life, but none of her guests came to the party. It’s unclear if it was a bad joke or what happened, but Angela remained standing, with the room empty.

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According to images shared on TikTok, it was none of the 120 guests. This is why one of the young woman’s relatives recorded her and made the incident known, because she was very sad because her friends never showed up.

The harsh sad story went viral on social networks and people did not miss the opportunity to write hundreds of messages in which they showed their resounding support for the birthday girl.

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“Where are the real friends”, “Do I still have time to go?”, “Poor thing, I would have gone if I had been her friend”, “Now you know who your real friends are”, “Don’t worry, God will reward you soon” , were some of the comments with the most reactions.

The Santa Fe case

In August of last year, a young woman in Santa Fe experienced a similar situation.

Pilar Armijo turned 18 on Aug. 2 and wrote on Twitter: “Today I was celebrating my birthday and I see stories of my guests who could not come if Wana or Güll or their sisters’ c… bits of f. .. Never again,” he posted when he realized he was being lied to, referring to two bars in the town of San Lorenzo where his guests went to have fun instead of going to his party.

“They missed out on a beautiful pink birthday. Luckily I have a nice family who accompanied me,” the girl said angrily.

Talking to TN, the young woman said: “I live in Aldao. In total I spent $50,000. I work as a babysitter and my salary is not even half, I had help from my whole family and I have a lot of paid things left that have not been used. These included the living room as I ended up doing it at the in-laws house as the living room was too big for us” “My mom and boyfriend put in a lot of effort to help me and we are a humble family it was all with work and the effort,” he counted.

On TikTok, Pilar shared pictures of her birthday. There she displayed a heart-shaped cake, empanadas in her favorite color and individual glasses that had the face of each of the invited people.

“I am grateful that my family was there, that despite the money I lost I had a great time, more than anything to my mum and my boyfriend who are the ones who have always helped me in everything”, he concluded.

Source: Clarin

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