Carlos Perciavalle decompensated and had to be hospitalized urgently

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Carlos Perciavalle was urgently hospitalized in Punta del Este after suffering a decompensation, according to Uruguayan newspaper El País.

The actor is hospitalized while several studies are being carried out and, according to some media in the neighboring country, It remains stable. Although he entered the sanatorium at dawn on Monday, You’ll need to spend at least another couple of days under observation. until they can grant him medical discharge and he awaits his studies in a common room.

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The comedian will remain several more days in the sanatorium of the Uruguayan spas, for which he had to suspend the promotion Afternoons with China a one man show in which he tells anecdotes and experiences with China Zorrilla, his great friend for more than 60 years.

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The concert of the king of coffee was to premiere its show on February 2 in El paraíso, the residence of Perciavalle on the Laguna del Sauce. However, now his plans will be changed. In fact, the comedian has suspended all the interviews scheduled for this week for health reasons.

Meanwhile, the production of the show, made up of Anabella Bauza and Carlos Hernández, people trusted by the artist, will evaluate or not a possible postponement of the premiere of Afternoons with China by virtue of the medical evaluation of the 81-year-old actor.

The day China Zorrilla asked Carlos Perciavalle to marry him

A year ago, in an interview given to A la tarde (America, from Monday to Friday at 3.45 pm) Perciavalle recalled her great friend China Zorrilla and told anecdotes of the great friendship they had. “I still feel her next to me, for me she is as if she were here right now, sitting next to me. He is very much alive. As long as I live, she will be alive,” he said.

And then Carlos revealed that the actress made a completely unexpected proposal for him just three days before his death: “The last few days, towards the end, on September 14th, he said to me: ‘Oh Carlitos, don’t you want to marry me? ? ‘, and I said: ‘But China, how can you tell me, if you’re very physical, and I’m already an old man’”.

What surprised the comedian was the actress’s response: “When you’ve been laughing with one person for so many years, there’s no such thing as a good looking man.” Although the marriage has not been consummated, the artist agrees with her great friend: “The truth is that in all these years, since I was 15, we have laughed”.

“I think she wasn’t very clear either if I was a father, a son, a friend, because I always felt like a minor, even though La China was 19 years older than me, I always protected and loved her because she was so naïve, so good, so talented, and you had to have someone a little bit strong by your side, and I’m strong enough,” the actor said of the connection he had with the legendary actress who died in 2014.


Source: Clarin

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