Mystery in a restaurant: She saw her late husband dining at a table, nine years after his death

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His surprise was enormous. And so it was that of many users of social networks. It happens that a shocked woman commented on this in a restaurant’s promotional video she saw her husband… who died 9 years ago.

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It all started when Spice Housean Indian food joint in Westbourne, UK, posted a clip on its Facebook account showing the tables in the restaurant full of diners enjoying the varied gastronomic offer.

However, among the comments to the post, that of a woman who, surprised, asked when it was filmed, assuring that her late husband was among the dinersalthough the man had died in 2014.

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An Indian restaurant, a video and a dead man?

“New year, new mood! Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working hard to make our dining experience even more memorable.

This said the text which accompanied the images the food establishment posted last Monday 16 Januaryreported The mirror. And, at the same time, he invited people to have fun”a perfect mix of exquisite flavours, with classic and unique dishes inspired by ancient family recipes”.

Among the comments of the followers, that of a woman who says her name is Lucia Watson. Directly, she asked: “How old is the video? My late husband and his son are on the first take and he died in 2014?”

While it wouldn’t be impossible for the restaurant to have used old footage to promote itself, the venue’s owners insisted the video was shot earlier this month in January 2023 and he was not nine years old, highlighted the medium.

“Hi Lucy Watson, sorry to hear this. This recording was made last week,” they answered him from Spice Cottage.

So far, the woman has not responded to the publication with further data, but her original comment has puzzled users of the network. Many are even desperate for an update on the subject.

“I need to know what’s going on, ASAP”commented a follower; “We have to shut it down!”added another.

However, and beyond these natural doubts due to such a striking case, some users have also begun to exchange several theories.

In this sense, second The mirrorsome have suggested that the whole ordeal may have been a ploy by a “marketing genius” in favor of the restaurant, since it is puzzling publication viralized his name unexpectedly.

One of them even stated this the woman’s account was “fake”and another said it was a “free promotion” for the restaurant.

So far both the woman and the restaurateur have not spoken out on the matter, despite having been contacted by the outlet.

The restaurant that has it all: paranormal phenomena, ghosts, the dead and more…

Another very striking case was that of a famous restaurant in Seville. Indeed there is no one in the city who does not know him: his name was Viandas.

Also, many people in Spain know exactly where it is, even though they have never set foot there. How come? Because the place is one of the favorite enclaves of the mystery lovers and the paranormal activities.

Yes, I had it all: nuances that appear and disappear unknown appear on security cameras objects that change placesdoors that open or close by themselves, steps that no one has given, electrical devices that switch on without warning, drops in temperature of more than ten degrees.

Viandas no longer exists. Businesses don’t thrive in the placeand that it is a three-story building in the heart of the Sevillian capital.

However, its historical past may have a lot to do with it: in addition to the fire of 1861, below the premises are the crypts of a college, former convent.

Source: Clarin

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