Actress Ana Doval, who worked in Los Simuladores, Casi Ángeles and Chiquititas, has died

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The actress Ana Dovalwith a long career in television, He passed away this Tuesday at the age of 68.. This was confirmed by the Argentine Actors Association, which greeted the artist who appeared in programs such as Casi Ángeles, Los Simuladores and Chiquititas with a heartfelt message.

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“It is with great regret that we salute the actress Ana Doval, who has developed an extensive artistic career in television, theatre, radio and film. She was a member of our union since 1985. Our condolences to their loved ones, accompanying them in pain”, they assured by the entity.

Doval, born in 1954, last appeared on the small screen in the series small win, in 2021. The beginning of his career was in the theater in the early eighties. At the end of that decade she made her first TV performance. Furthermore, he tried his hand at cinema, with a performance in a film by Leonardo Favio.

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“It is with great sorrow that we greet our dear colleague and friend Ana Doval, who has had a great artistic career and as an active member of the SAGAI Supervisory Board. We accompany family and friends in this painful moment,” they said from the Argentine Company of management of the actors of the show.

Doval studied with Carlos de Urquiza and Manuel González Gil at the Popular University of Belgrano. In his training he also crossed paths with other recognized names, such as Norman Briski and Agustín Alezzo.

He didn’t wait too long to prove himself on the tables. It was in 1982 that she made her debut with Marcha and El Maestro, both in the auditorium of the People’s University of Belgrano. He then appeared in some twenty works, from the classics of William Shakespeare and Tennessee Williams to his latest appearances such as Los Apparatos (2013), by Enrique Wernicke.

His face became more familiar on TV. In 1988 she had a role in Sin Verso. Already in the nineties you starred in Zona De Riesgo IV YV and in the Alta Comedia cycle.

At the end of that decade she can be seen in the Cebollitas children’s novels, little ones and Verano of 98, as well as Naranja Y Media (with Guillermo Francella), all on Telefé.

In El Trece he participated gas carrier (Mercedes Morán and Juan Leyrado), who brought costumbrismo to the screen. He also excelled in sampleswhere he shared the program with a team of stars: Osvaldo Laport, Soledad Silveyra, Mariano Martínez, Julieta Díaz and Laura Azcurra.

Entering the new century, he has appeared in My Love, Guilty of This Love and Love in custody. He was also part of Los Simuladores.

Later he acted Almost angels (his return to teenage audiences), All Against Juan, The Chosen One and Herederos De Una Venganza.

Her latest roles were in The rich don’t ask permission, I want to live by your side and Little Victoria, in 2021.

In the cinema his career was shorter, but includes participations in Gatica el Mono (1994), by Leonardo Favio; Avoid (1995), by Alan Parker; and in Anita (2009), by Marcos Carnevale.


Source: Clarin

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