Giancarlo Esposito, of Better Call Saul, joins the pharaonic project of Francis Ford Coppola, Megalopolis

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Despite reports of behind-the-scenes chaos, Megalopolis by Francis Ford Coppola is not dead yet. Indeed, the director’s latest film of classics like The Godfather Y Apocalypse now appears to be alive and well. Proof of this is the fact that he has just added Giancarlo Esposito to his casting, according to the specialized site Deadline.

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The super talented star of breaking Bad Y Better call Saul he just won Best Supporting Actor in a Drama at this year’s Critics Choice Awards, joining a star-studded ensemble aboard Coppola’s film.

Megalopolis it is a passion project for Coppola that has been around for decades. The director apparently first wrote the script in the 1980s, but shelved it in 2001 after 9/11 made the idea of ​​a film set in post-disaster New York seem untenable.

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In 2019, the director finally decided to give the project another shot, revealing that he would be financing it himself. “There’s a certain way that everyone thinks about what a film should be; if you look at it any other way, you go against the grain,” Coppola said of the story of him at the 50th anniversary screening of The Godfather.

A Coppola classic: pharaonic and complex projects

Despite its many years in the making of pre-production, updated details surrounding both the storyline and production of Megalopolis I’m still a bit of a mystery.

The latest report of Deadline calls the film an “epic tale of political ambition, genius and dangerous love,” while a profile of GQ of the director revealed to be “set in New York, but a New York steeped in echoes of ancient Rome.”

While Francis Ford Coppola says the film is on track and within budget, sources spoke to The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month they pointed to it the project lost its art department.

The director is not exactly known for smoother productions, but at the same time is exalted to offer some of the best movies of all time: Starting with those already mentioned. The Godfather (1 and 2) Y Apocalypse now.

Well yeswithout forgetting other jewels such as The conversation, Tucker, Dracula and -the habitual and unjustly forgotten- The law on the road (with a pre-op Mickey Rourke and Brando’s potential rival at the time).

Here they are, these are

Esposito joins an all-star lineup of fantastic actors that reportedly also includes Laurence Fishburne, Forest Whitaker, Adam Driver, Aubrey Plaza, Dustin Hoffman, Chloe Fineman and more.

The film is already in production, shooting in New York and Atlanta. THR’s sources say Coppola started filming using technology similar to The volumebut now you’re looking to cut costs with a green screen approach.

Coppola himself responded directly to some of the claims in that report Deadline saying, “I love my cast, I love what I get every day, I’m on schedule and on budget, and that’s what’s important to me.”

Megalopolis It doesn’t have a release date, but we’ll keep you updated on news about the film as it continues to develop.

Source: Clarin

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