After the criticisms, Moria Casán showed his body without filters: “My truth has reached Europe”

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After being the subject of numerous criticisms on the net for a photo that circulated in a swimsuit in Mar del Plata, now Moria Casan showed her body without filters and spoke about the repercussions of the matter.

In a video he shared on his Instagram account, Moria posed with a printed bikini and sunglasses and smiled for all his fans.

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“I claim sovereignty over my womb and my caesarean section for Sofía Castiglione’s birthday”, he began by saying “La One” to his followers.

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“Video without filter. Keep the revolution of the old, thank you Gabriela Cerruti for sending me the article in the French newspaper Le Monde. My truth has reached Europe”spoke out on the controversies that arose around her body and for which the presidential spokesman came forward to support her.

And added the hashtag “level” to refer to the level it must have appeared on prestigious French media.

The scandal erupted a few days ago when a Twitter user posted a photo of Moria on the beach in Mar del Plata and wrote: “Cover up, lady. Position yourself as you are, an elderly lady.”

After reading the tweet, Casán replied without filters: “I love me. Cover up, imbecile. What are you spending a picture on me.”

At the same time, the diva made a strong statement that earned her thousands of ‘likes’. “Hi my love, they call me to cash me because I show myself in a tiny bikini, I thank #C5N, I also clarify the cut that can be seen above my pelvis is my favorite tattoo, my caesarean section and the beach is Bristol. – fat + cellulite + cesarean section = freedom”he began by saying.​

“Bra is lingerie and the bikini an authentic Moschino, not Senegalese. Thanks for showing me, I loved the Bristol, anti-mask people, when I went to the beach I stepped on a Milanese and I had an orgasm #try it”, continued Moria, with his particular style.

Furthermore, the diva continued: “Now, even I don’t believe in the genuine interest of the media in my defenseIs it to justify the morbidity of showing me on Twitter that I don’t know who he is? He just said to cover me, so slowly my love, I don’t feel attacked”.

“From this I am once again left with my #trigger match effect and the best thing is that Galmarini calls me to ask me How did I reach orgasm trampling on a Milanese in Bristol. Haas! The deduction is the usual #Imimpressed by my fame and… Who am I? She loves everyone, ”concluded the diva.

For his part, Cerruti has published a tweet in defense of the actress where he writes to the young woman: “Cover your judgments and prejudices, man.”

At the same time, the presidential spokesman reflected: “It is very much a minor woman to express her opinion about other people’s bodies. And even more minor is I believe there is an age for freedom, pleasure or enjoyment of life”.

“Thank you @Moria_Casan for your freedom. #Larevoluciondelasviejas will make you a lot of money”concluded Cerruti, who after the controversy it was he who sent him the article published by Le Monde.


Source: Clarin

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