Home Entertainment Virginia Gallardo got tired and brought to light everything she had saved from Rocío Marengo: “I received a free and useless attack from her”

Virginia Gallardo got tired and brought to light everything she had saved from Rocío Marengo: “I received a free and useless attack from her”

Virginia Gallardo got tired and brought to light everything she had saved from Rocío Marengo: “I received a free and useless attack from her”

Virginia Gallardo Y Marengo rockwhich staged a strong media confrontation two years ago, once again had a television crossover just days after the premiere of the Ricardo documentary series, El Comandante Fort (Star+).

On a mobile with Show Partners (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 11), Marengo talked about his stay The Hotel of the famous 2 (El Trece) when they recalled the quarrel they had with the brand new speaker of the cycle led by Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich.

Marengo first apologized to Fort’s ex for her statements about Corrientes’ decision not to participate in the late chocolate entrepreneur’s series in 2013.

“The truth is that I don’t remember what it was like, you put yourself in a role of I don’t know what… I’m sorry if I said something at the time that bothered you, the truth is that it’s already happened. In my opinion, don’t take it so badly. It should go in one ear and out the other. I don’t understand why she hits you so much, ”said the former participant of The Hotel of the Famous 2, no desire to confront.

“You said you had records of how much Virginia spent on credit cards when she was with Fort,” Paula Varela, also a cycle member, reminded him over the center of her cell phone. It was there that Virginia, after listening to her partner, fired at the media: “That was your defense against me.”

Then, Gallardo faced Marengo in the air and reliving the clash he had had two years earlier: “I feel that he has taken hold, as always, wanting to appear and make portals and she chose to go out and attack me for no reason, because i never had a problem with her and i would never get involved in such private things and out of context”.

“It was a topic that struck me because two years have now passed and I hope that the series is successful, but then many things were said about me, about my absence, who asked for dollars, millions”Virginia continued with her release.

And he added: “I have decided not to participate, hoping that others will respect my decision as I have e I kept silent, I let time pass and today I believe that time proves me right, but this is personal, I don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

Despite having assured that she wasn’t angry, the Gallardo wanted to get rid of many things she had to say to Marengo and that’s what she took the opportunity to do on her first crossing since that controversy had arisen: “I feel it was a gratuitous and unnecessary attack from Rocío. And look at how the laps of life are, I’m sorry that today you separated, at that time you defended a family tooth and nail and I tied it up because yes”.

“Forgive me, I will continue to defend them, because they were my family,” replied Rocío, who listened attentively to Gallardo but never showed a desire to escalate the discussion. “But what do you have to defend? It wasn’t an attack, you didn’t have to defend them from my personal decision, I would never attack them either”, replied the rapporteur. “It’s okay Vir, it’s okay,” Marengo concluded with the theme.

“You still feel the Strong in your family bond, don’t you?”, Adrián Pallares asked the interviewee. And Rocío replied: “Yes, of course. Today we have a love for Marta, Felipe, whether or not she is with Edu, we create a bond that does not break overnight and we hope that it never does. Because we give them to eat, we’re reuniting and with Edu it’s different because he was my partner and it’s hard but you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. It’s been many years and it hasn’t ended so easily, but we’ll see later.”

The origin of the fight between Virginia Gallardo and Rocío Marengo

When news surfaced that Ricardo Fort’s children would be tasked with promoting the Ricardo Fort biopic series, the deceased millionaire’s ex-girlfriend said she did not want to participate in the production. As a result, Marengo, who at that time was frequenting Eduardo Fort, brother of Ricardo, harshly questioned her: “Ungrateful and short on memory.”

At the time, Gallardo was working as a speaker for intruders (America) and there she went out to answer Rocío: “I’m tired of fake people, say what you want to say. That ‘I love Virginia’ thing, no. Enough of the double mask. You love me or you don’t love me, say what you want and lay it down. Don’t say ‘I like barbarian’ and then say awful things about me.”

“Suddenly they threaten to have a thousand things of mine to tell. Tell me what’s the difference of a Rocío Marengo, Eduardo Fort’s current partner, who travels the world? Do you pay for the tickets? Because today you were talking about card expenses. Do you dare to go out and talk about me financially? We are already grown up, we are no longer those of reality, there is a limit”she shot Virginia at that moment, enraged

“I have a thousand things to answer you, because when I spoke about the series, the only thing I said is that it doesn’t seem right that it isn’t part of it; I would have been part of it,” Marengo clarified Los Angeles in the morning. And he added: “In this specific case, the children of a person who has been important in his life show up, to pay tribute, and he tells them no, so I just said it seemed ungrateful of him.”


Source: Clarin


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