Mariano Iúdica has been criticized for the prices of his restaurant: “It is designed for people from an exclusive neighborhood”

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Mariano Iúdica He faced the questions he received due to the high price of the dishes he offers at the Gran Bamboo Beach restaurant, which he opened on the Atlantic coast with his partner, Romina Propato.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit salty to charge 3800 for a Milanese?, wrote an Instagram user in a publication of the restaurant located in Villa Robles, a private neighborhood at kilometer 374 of route 11, located 15 km. by Pinamar. Meanwhile, another shot: “5,500 pesos a salad. Where’s Mr. Popular?” “600 pesos for a pint soda? You got a little out of hand, it seems to me,” added another user.

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In dialogue with the cycle the race runs (Crónica TV), Iúdica addressed these questions. First, he expressed his joy at this dream that he has achieved: “I’m very thankful to God. We rowed a lot to make it happen and it happened much faster than we expected. It’s crazy. We have the most popular restaurant of the season on the coast.”

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And speaking of the criticisms received online, he said: “When there are a hundred thousand comments and they stop at one or two, it’s because they want to make a face at you. I understand… the salad thing, It’s a salad that has a quarter of a shrimp, salmon, rocket… It takes a lot of things to make it worth what it’s worth.”

“It’s a restaurant located in an exclusive neighborhood. And it’s designed for the people of this neighborhood, which is called Villa Robles, near Pinamar”added the former pilot of controversy at the bar who works as a cook on the premises and also participates in customer service.

“Criticism hasn’t rained on me because it’s getting busier and it works much better”added Iúdica, who downplayed the publications against him.

“It is very difficult for you to do badly in this context, near the sea, and with people who have the possibility to spend. Plus, I cook for you! My wife is there and my children are also waiting tables,” added Iúdica, super proud of his feat.

“Also, we have a panera recontra set sail”Iúdica continued, referring to the table service, which he said he shared on his Instagram account includes “Anchovies… Chiambotta… Escabeche de Chipiron….and a PANERA ZARPAAAAAADA!!!!!”.

Finally, after responding to this controversy, Iúdica was asked about his television future and clarified that he would soon return to America: “We’ve got 60 years of controversy in the bar and we’re going to make a big mess.”

A few days ago, when he opened his restaurant, Iúdica expressed all his joy: “It happened!! A DREAM!! We have a BEACH restaurant… with very tasty food… With extraordinary products… and spicy service with passionate dedication to service… delicious food… good and loving attention … yyyyyy… this is very likely to HAPPEN!!”.

And then he dedicated himself A few words to Propato, essential for this new project to be possible.

“The owner…the owner of UNBREAKABLE FAITH…the owner of the 24/7 business…the owner of innovative ideas… the owner of transparency… the owner of ATTENTION… and good manners… The Owner of the Team delivered to her address… THE OWNER OF THE CHEF… ROMINA PROPATO… The owner of @ granbamboo PLAYA!!!”, she expressed playfully


Source: Clarin

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