Before the ‘final’ against Peru, Argentina’s Under 20 definitely loses Buonanotte, who returns to England

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Facundo Buonanotte’s career in the South American Sub 20 did not last long. The barely 25 minutes he played in the debut of the Argentina national team with defeat against Paraguayan They were the only ones on the field, because at that moment he fell badly after receiving a foul and suffered a heavy blow which first forced him to hospital and this Tuesday he was put on a plane to return to England and continue his recovery in his club, the Brighton of the Premier League.

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“Player Facundo Buonanotte will leave this afternoon with Dr Fernando Rudi (supervisory doctor) for England, with the aim of continuing treatment for his return to activity at Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club”reports the official report of the Argentine national team.

The player who emerged at Rosario Central was unlikely to return to action, as a precaution and because he did not risk his physical condition due to a medical recommendation from a blow to a sensitive area for a professional’s physique. That is why the joint decision of the coaching staff led by Javier Mascherano It was that he returned to the club that bought him last November.

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What happened? “The player Facundo Buonanotte suffered a trauma to the cervical spine and skull during the match against Paraguay. The player is in good condition and is being observed while the necessary tests are being carried out,” reported the AFA, until early hours of last Sunday. . in an official medical report.

The midfielder had come on 15′ into the second half – right after the second Paraguayan goal – and retired after 40′, leaving his team one down, because Mascherano had already run out of substitutions.

The talented 18-year-old striker, who was transferred last November from Rosario Central to Brighton in England – where he will be Alexis Mac Allister’s team-mate – left on stretcher and with orthopedic neck and was transferred by ambulance to a medical center following a serious fall suffered after jumping onto the pitch.

There were six minutes left in the game when Buonanotte pushed high to try and win a ball, but was destabilized from behind by the Paraguayan Quintana and, on his way down, suffered a whiplash when he hit the grass with his head. Chilean referee Cristian Garay sanctioned the offense and immediately asked for assistance when he saw the Argentinean player motionless.

His comrades surrounded Buonanotte so that the cameras would not capture the images. Although Buonanotte never lost consciousness and even seemed to ask to be picked up to continue playing, the medical historian of the AFA, Donato Tucho Villanitogether with his collaborator, Juan Cruz GoycocheaSergio’s son, they decided to immobilize him as a precaution and to transfer him to a nearby clinic to carry out the corresponding studies.

The man born in Pérez, a municipality located 12 kilometers from Gran Rosario, was called to be part of the cast led by Mascherano together with Nicholas Pazof Real Madrid, the only ones on loan who play in foreign clubs.

Although his general condition has always been good, he spent Saturday night and all of Sunday in hospital as a precaution until he was discharged to continue his medical treatment in hospital, until it was decided this Tuesday that he would be uninterested in traveling to England.

Concern for Captain Giay

Another of the delicate losses that Mascherano will have for this Wednesday’s ‘final’ against Peru (starting at 19:00), where Argentina must win to stay with the hexagon qualifying options for the place at the 2023 World Cup and the Pan American Games in Santiago, will captain Agostino Giay.

How could you confirm clarionmedical studies have confirmed this there was no ligament involvement but a “normal” left ankle sprainAlthough it is very difficult for him to be available this Wednesday and Friday in the hypothetical definition against the host Colombia (who should not beat Brazil this Wednesday).

The San Lorenzo footballer was injured at the end of the match played at the Pascual Guerrero stadium in Cali, when he tried to defend the ball against an opponent and completely sprained his ankle. The screams of pain that could be heard in the ambient microphone produced chills.

We will have to wait for the fate of the Argentine national team before deciding if they will be able to recover to return to action in the final hexagon.

Source: Clarin

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