Oscars 2023: where to see the most nominated films and the rivals of “Argentina, 1985”

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The Oscar race has already begun for moviegoers, and they have time to do it catch up on Hollywood Academy nominated films until the night of Sunday 12, when the ceremony for the 95th edition of the awards will take place.

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It’s almost impossible, in this month and a half of missing delivery, see the 54 films selected in the different categories of the Oscars, but time is enough and a lot if you see only two films a week, to choose your favorite from the ten contenders for the grand prize for best film and, after all, to analyze the possibilities of Argentina, 1985 compared to its competitors such as Best international film.

the movie of Santiago Mitrawith Ricardo Darín and Peter Lanzani, who will represent the country at the ceremony, It is available for viewing on the Amazon Prime Video platform from the end of October, but still held from September at the cinema and the appointment will certainly give him a little push to expand the offer of rooms.

One by one

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All everywhere at the same timeby Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, is the most nominated in this edition with 11 nominationsincluding the most important, and passed in Argentine cinemas in June, but It can already be rented for 48 hours in Flow for $68in Youtube or Google Play for $550 and on Apple TV for five dollars.

The leading nominees to snatch the Best Picture award seek nine statuettes and are doing it the spirits of the islandby Martin McDonagh, e No news at the frontby Edward Berger.

British film with Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson will be released in Argentine theaters only on Thursday 2 February. The German film, which in addition to compete for the first prize it’s the great cuckoo beaten by Argentina, 1985 What Best international film, is available on netflix from the last Friday of October.

Elvis by Baz Luhrmann Get a pot with his eight nominations from the HBO Max platform. The main film Austin Butler and Tom Hanks premiered during the winter holidays and is available on the service stream since before spring.

Steven Spielberg arrives only this Thursday in national theaters with the seven nominations for Los Fabelmans arm in arm with the intention of walking the red carpet of the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles before landing on the platforms.

Top Gun: nonconformistby Joseph Kosinski, e Avatar: The Path of Waterby James Cameron, are both named Best Movie which sold more than a million tickets in Argentina.

Tom Cruise’s return to airplanes can now be seen on the Star+ platformbut the director’s latest adventure consecrated with the statuette of titanic it is the first Avatars remains in second place in the local box office rankings, on the verge of reaching two and a half million viewers, therefore its landing on the Disney Plus platform, where the first part is already available, is delayed.

Cate Blanchet will validate his acclaimed performance in theaters tarunder the orders of Todd Field, only on Thursday 9 February. They speakSarah Polley only plans to hit the big screen the first weekend in March, but her nominations for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay could accelerate her run.

The triangle of sadnessby Ruben Östlund, is the latest contender for the top accolade to screen and will be screened nationwide, showcasing its three nominations as well as the prestigious Palme d’Or at the latest Cannes Film Festival, Only three days before the grand gala: Thursday 9 March.

closeby Belgian director Lukas Dhont, he also validated his prestige in Cannes with the Grand Jury Prize and will be another tough contender for Santiago Miter’s film as Best international film. Before the announcement of nominations, Close expected to move closer to the big screen in March before showing off on the specialized platform MUBI, where you can also already see after sunby Charlotte Wells.

Also passed through the Côte d’Azur festival EOby Polish Jerzy Skolimowski, who to this day It does not have a national release date.. The same fate in cinemas for now awaits the Irish The quiet girlof Colm Bairéad, fifth and last rival of Argentina, 1985.

Source: Clarin

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