Alessandro Caniggia’s girlfriend got fed up and published a controversial disclaimer: “They threaten pregnant women”

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melodic lightcouple of Alexander CaniggiaHe made a series of controversial posts on his Instagram Stories in which he reminisced about his time on television and was terse with the medium, even talking about alleged threats.

“When your sarcasm is so well done, they think you’re serious” It was the first sentence he published together with an image in which a man is seen holding his head in a clear gesture of lamentation.

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Then, the dancer recorded a video in which she is seen with an ironic smile and accompanied it with the phrase “TV sinks by itself, more and more every day”. Soon after, he wrote a controversial disclaimer along with a brand image that left him with an accident he suffered in his right leg during the first season of The celebrity hotel.

“That also left me with TV. Of course, nobody talks about how dehumanizing things are because ‘it’s not convenient.’ For one reason I returned to my dance environment, away from the bad mood that exists in traditional media“, he threw.

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And he added: “They threaten pregnant women, they stalk you without asking your permission, they make things up. Disgusting, they go no further.”

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Source: Clarin

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