The day Paul McCartney threw trash at reporters investigating his death

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Magazine Life chose the photographer Terence Spencer (who had periodically photographed the Beatles since 1963) e Dorothy Bacon to “trace down” Paul McCartney and get an answer to the rumor that has spread around the world: that Paul had died in a car accident in 1966and that the Beatles covered up news of his death.

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Two journalists have been assigned to snoop into the legend known as “Paul is dead”, which still lives on today on the internet.

Bacon had tried to call Paul from London, but he hadn’t answered. And, of course, he was dead. However, he went to Scotland with Spencer. Destination? High ParkPaul’s “hard to find, harder to get to” farm, a place located in the Scottish countryside.

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The pair arrived on 1 November 1969. Their first attempt into High Park, however, was futile.

The couple – according to the site – he had to go through nearby Low Park farm to reach High Park. This proved more complicated than they imagined because the owner, Ian McDougall, had agreed to prevent fans and journalists from reaching Paul’s property.

Cross swamps…

“We parked our rental car in the driveway and started walking,” Spencer wrote. “We walked the hills, we cross swamps and we waded through rushing streams, until we reached the lonely farmhouse as Paul, unshaven, came out the front door with a garbage can. He looked surprised in our direction and the distorted angel face in folds of rage as he hurls insults at us”.

Paul is dead It is a conspiracy belief that assures Paul McCartney would die in a car accident November 9, 1966and that he would be replaced by a named Canadian bassist William Campbellthat he would win a British group imitation contest.

The goal of not communicating McCartney’s death would have come from the “high echelons” of British politics, and the explanation would lie in the fear of possible mass suicides of fans and the tragic cultural impact that the demise of the Beatles would cause.

McCartney’s death arguments are based on assumptions clues found in the recordings by the Beatles from 1967, some of which have been interpreted as being deliberately placed by themselves or others. Something like a kind of riddle or puzzle for the audience to solve.

after the tracks

From here on, the famous themes appear which, if listened to in the opposite direction, would have hidden messages. For this reason, not a few have analyzed the covers and back covers of the 1967 records, which would hide certain “messages” which would suggest that, in fact, Paul would die.

“I had pre-set my camera, and as she turned to enter the house, I snapped a quick picture, knowing it would be my last. She heard the click, turned, ran over and he threw the garbage can at me. I snapped another picture in the air or rather tried to as he was shaking his fists at me at the time… bah I was beaten for the first time in 20 years of covering issues around the world by a Beatle,” Spencer said.

What was the strategy? McCartney, the most marketing expert of the group, knew that when he threw away garbage, leftover vegetables (veganism), dirty water and another bullshit, would put him center stage. Also, Paul knew one of the intruders.

However, Paul didn’t care why the reporters were there. He only cared that they were there “violated your privacy”something that for some indeterminate reason is what I desired at the time.

But in the end,Paul is dead or not?

Nine days before reporters infiltrated Paul’s hideout, the former Beatle gave an interview to BBC’s Chris Drake to prove its existence.

However, the two reporters wanted proof for themselves. Her arrival and intrusion on his property made Paul more angry than why they were intruding. Paul told Drake that he was “going into a period where he wanted privacy.”

“I was always doing sort of an interview a week to keep my name in the headlines,” Paul explained. “I wanted to be the center of attention. But now I’m going through a phase where I don’t want to be the center of attention.”

Scotland meant, in other words, “peace and quiet, time to think.” Paul had flown to Scotland on 22nd October with his wife Linda Eastman McCartneyher two month old daughter MaryY HeatherLinda’s daughter from her first marriage.

Back then, Paul was deal with the breakup of the Beatles, about which no one knew anything yet. A lot of complicated things were happening to him and he didn’t care “Paul is dead”. All he wanted was to escape. She went to Scotland to heal the psychological wounds left by those internal struggles.

Get a drink

During a 2016 interview with Mastertapes for Radio 4 (second Keeper), Paul revealed that he drank heavily and often contemplated quitting music after the Beatles split.

I was depressedPaul said. “I was breaking up with my lifelong friends.”

It was then that reporters intruded on a difficult moment in Paul’s life.

Source: Clarin

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