Coti broke his silence after a scandalous version of the reason for his separation from Candelaria Tinelli

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Coti Sorokin talked to THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 8pm) and addressed the versions on an alleged infidelity to Candelaria Tinelli. According to what had happened, that would have been the reason for their separation. However, the musician has denied everything.

First of all, the singer referred to the allusions that Marcelo Tinelli’s daughter had posted on her Instagram account, suggesting that she had suffered a betrayal. “Everything is fine. Nothing happens. I already know her, that’s it”, he said, without wanting to get into controversy.

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And he continued: “We are great people, it’s nice to chat, the dialogue is always good, whether to continue or cut, we are two public people, any movement is greatly amplified. She likes to put it on the net and it’s magnified. But these are normal things for couples.”

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Then, after confirming that he has no intention of reconciling with Candelaria but that he speaks to her every day, he assured that Marcelo Tinelli “is a good boy”. “And an excellent father-in-law even in the two years that we have been together,” he remarked.

Then, before concluding the note, he answered the rumor about an alleged infidelity that he would have committed and that would have angered Candelaria. “It’s all a lie. Absolutely a lie. Everyone knows it’s a lie”he has declared.

Who would have been Coti Sorokin’s lover

Coti Sorokin was born 49 years ago in the city of Rosario, but lives in Spain. He spends most of the year there when he’s not in Buenos Aires, where he also has a house.

And it seems that on that round trip between the two countries, the musician would have met a woman during one of his flights. More precisely to a flight attendant.

“Angie Benegas is the name of the girl in question”said Ángel de Brito in THEYthe cycle that leads every night on the American screen.

And I add: “She is a flight attendant for a Spanish airline. This story would have started on one of the flights to Spain.”

Source: Clarin

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