Nico Furtado dedicated a post to Ester Expósito, showed the intimacy of their relationship and revolutionized the networks

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Nicholas Furtado made a tender dedication to foreign foundlinghis fiancée, for his birthday and there were many fans of this couple who reacted with emotion and enthusiasm through social networks.

Whenever one of the two protagonists of this love story expresses himself publicly, many of their followers express their delight in continuing to see them together and in loveas they are usually shown through the 2.0 world.

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In the last few hours, the Uruguayan actor has used his Instagram account to share photos and videos with the Spanish actress, who became famous and popular for her role in Elitefrom the Netflix platform. “Happy birthday, my love. Thanks for so many good times”, Nico wrote.

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In the videos the actor uploaded from the fringe you can see the great bond he maintains with his partner and how they enjoy the simple things in life like laughing together in a dressing room or singing a song together.

In this sense, Nico wanted to show his followers how simple the hookup was and he graphically represented it with different photos of his girlfriend and with funny moments and the privacy of the couple.

In the images collected by Furtado, the Madrid artist sings with him, dances with a stuffed octopus on her head and is surprised by a person on stilts during a street parade.

For her part, Ester Expósito expressed her gratitude in her Instagram stories and shared the messages of love and affection she received on her 23rd birthday.

More, proud and in love, she showed the gifts Furtado gave her. With one detail in particular: the gift box had several photos of them and it showed a romantic letter that the Uruguayan wrote him.

The reaction of the couple’s fans to Nicolás Furtado’s post for Ester Expósito

The followers of Furtado and Expósito could not resist her enthusiasm in reacting to the heartwarming romantic message that the hunk wrote her to his girlfriend. Between them, several celebrities reacted and showed support for this romance which both made official in 2022.

“Hahahahahahahahahaha beautiful,” wrote actress Malena Sánchez White. Even from the official Bresh account, the famous popular parties reacted to the publication: “Happy birthday @ester_exposito, we love you.”

Also Manu Viale, Juanita’s sister, commented on the photo to the actor: “I love you. Happy birthday queen”. Meanwhile, Grego Rosselló used one of the idioms that young people use to show that they support the couple: “They make me shell. I swear it”

Meanwhile, fans of the actor, who has become a trend on Twitter, have reacted with a touch of envy for the romantic gesture towards the Spanish artist.

“The real who could,” said one tweeter. “I don’t know if I want to be Ester Expósito because she is a goddess or because she is with Nico Furtado …” said a user of the same social network. “I’ve gotten depressed and I just need someone to love me like this,” another young woman fired amid hundreds of comments reacting to the post.


Source: Clarin

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