Taylor Swift surprises and releases new video for her song “Lavender Haze”

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the American Taylor Swift is characterized for keeping social media alive and this morning, true to his style, he released the video clip of the song Lavender hazea new song from his latest studio work titled midnight.

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Interpreter fans love story they have been waiting for the new post since the song’s music video premiered bejeweled, at the end of last October.

According to specialized media, Swift released the video of bejeweled inspired by the character of Cinderellajust two weeks after releasing the first clip of midnightwhich was the lead single from that album, the song against heror.

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Before it could be seen in full on YouTube, the singer already alerted her followers on her Instagram page on Thursday with a message that read: “we meet at midnight…for the premiere of the ‘Lavender Haze’ video.”

The pop diva accompanied the message with a photograph showing a suggestive person on a bed in the middle of the fog.

His return to pop

midnight it represented the singer’s return to pop after his unexpected approach to alternative folk in the intimate bands Folklore (2020) and always (2020), which was followed in 2021 by the re-recording of two of their classic albums, fearless Y Grillwhich made the American a virtually ubiquitous figure.

“Since I was 15, if someone criticized me for something, I changed it. And there came a moment when you realized that you are a fusion of critics that they gave you, and not a person who made those decisions themselves,” she said after going through difficult times in her career and personal life.

“I decided I had to to live a quiet life, because a quiet personal life does not invite discussion, dissection, debate. I didn’t realize that I was inviting people to feel like they had the right to play with my life like I was a video game.”

She must be the most awaited artist in our country. Will her new world tour bring her? On the local networks it is said that she will perform on October 6 and 8 at the Estadio Unico de La Plata.

midnighttheir tenth studio album, sparked a heated debate on social media, around the songs, what they mean, who they are, and most importantly, is it good?

As for the criticisms that his brand new work has received, those who have celebrated the most have been millions of quickies (his fans) scattered across the planet. But not even the specialists spared words of admiration for his work.

Along the nearly 20-year careerthe prolific Pennsylvania-born songwriter has shown us that her stuff may or may not be cool, but it’s never predictable.

No single album is similar to the previous one, unless we try to connect them with their lyrical theme around common model: love, heartbreak, and the ground we walk on plus the demons we face.

The singer also announced her return to the stage this year with the so-called The Tour of the Agesan international tour, the first in five years, with which he is already breaking ticket sales records.

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Source: Clarin

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