United States: revealed the videos of the violent assault suffered by the husband of Nancy Pelosi

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Justice of the United States this Friday released the shocking videos showing the attack suffered by Paolo Pelosi -the husband of former Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi- last October, when a criminal surprised him at his home looking for his wife.

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These are two records shared by US authorities in which both the moment the the attacker enters the couple’s house as when intercepted by the police and starts beating the victim hard in front of them.

The images date back to October 28, the day the event took place in the house that the Democratic leader shares with her husband in San Francisco, California.

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It was there that a man – identified as David DePape, 42 – burst into the house shouting “Where’s Nancy?” She, for her part, was in Washington at the time.

Three months after the fact, videos were released in which everything was recorded. The first belongs to the house’s security camera and the attacker is seen arriving at the place and breaking one of the openings to enter.

The second is more impressive. It runs for one minute and 39 seconds and shows officers arriving at the house and knocking on the door after Pelosi managed to call 911 after convincing the attacker to let him go to the bathroom, where his phone was charging.

When the door opens, the US politician’s husband and the assailant are seen at the entrance, both standing and facing forward, holding the same hammer.

“What is happening?” an agent is heard asking, to which DePape replies that everything is fine while a barefoot Pelosi remains silent.

It is then that the attacker grabs the arm with which Pelosi was holding the hammer with his other hand, while Pelosi groans, and the police officers, who were shining a flashlight on them, shout to drop him.

The attacker replies no. And when he gets Pelosi to stop grabbing him, he hits her with a hammer, which is not explicitly seen in the video.

As a result, one of the officers is heard screaming as they all enter the house and pounce on the man. By then Pelosi was already wounded, lying motionless on the ground and in a bloody shirt.

DePape was finally arrested upon completion of said taping, and the then Speaker of the Lower House’s husband was taken to Zuckerberg General Hospital and operated on for a fractured skull and several serious injuries to his right arm and hands.

The dissemination of the images by the Supreme Court of San Francisco takes place after various media, such as CNN, had requested their publication because the incident required “transparency”.

This Thursday, Nancy Pelosi told the press that she hadn’t seen the video yet and didn’t know if she would.

“It would be very difficult to see an attempt on my husband’s life,” added the congresswoman, noting that although Paul Pelosi is recovering little by little, it will still take “at least three months” to get back to normal.

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