Daniel Alves makes demands with the number of visits in order to reduce attention to the case, says newspaper

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Daniel Alves may offer to wear an electronic bracelet to “prove” he won’t flee the country

Daniel Alves (39), who has been in prison for a week, accused of sexually abusing a woman in a nightclub in Barcelona, ​​Spain, is looking for strategies to reduce the repercussion of his case in the media.

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According to the Spanish newspaper The world, the football player limited the number of daily visits to the penitentiary. Another Spanish media outlet, the El Periodicostated that Daniel Alves can accept the use of a “electronic bracelet” to answer the process freely and “to test” who will not flee the country, the former member of the Brazilian National Team has also been considered a “prisoner of trust” by the chain administration.

Daniel Alves shares his cell at the Brians penitentiary center with another Brazilian, the man would be Ronaldinho’s former bodyguard and is serving time for the same crime that the athlete is accused of.

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According to the vehicle, the prison colleague is called Coutinho and has taught Alves the rules of coexistence in the place. The two are sharing a cell with a bunk bed, bathroom and shower and spend their time competing in board games.

“The role of Alves’ cellmate is very important because, given the judge’s strong decision and the extensive, documented and detailed investigation, everything seems to indicate that Alves could spend a lot of time in prison.”, a source told the newspaper.

The player was arrested on January 20 after being accused of sexual abuse in Spain. According to the complaint, which is in court in Catalonia, a 23-year-old woman declared that she was sexually abused by the player during a party in Barcelona, ​​on December 30, 2022.

the spanish judge Maria Concepcion Canton Martin ordered the preventive detention and without the right to bail the athlete. With the order, Daniel will remain in prison until he undergoes a trial, which still does not have a date or forecast to occur.

Source: Caras

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