Brutal shark attack on diver in Mexico: it ripped off his head and shoulders

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A fisherman from Paredón Colorado, a community in the municipality of Benito Juárez, Mexico, died after being attacked by a shark in Playa San Joséfrom the bay of Tóbari, while diving in search of ax callus, one of the most important shellfish of the Mexican Pacific Northwest coast, not only due to its local demand, but also due to its high price on the international market.

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A fisherman has died in a brutal shark attack after the predator “tore off his head and shoulders,” according to Mexican media reports.

The horrific attack took place on January 5 in Bahía de Tóbari, Mexico, while Manuel López was diving in the area looking for ax callusesone of the most requested shellfish for its value.

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José Luis Reina, president of a fishing cooperative in the area, said the attack took place around 11 on Thursday 5 in an area of ​​open sea between the island of Huivulai and the beach of San José.

Manuel López reportedly had no air tank and was using air from above the water on scallop dives.

Spokesman José Bernal said: ‘He was diving when the animal attacked him, impressively tearing off his head and biting him on both shoulders”.

Local divers had been warned of sharks in the area and most hadn’t been out for several days, but it was understood Lopez ignored the warnings because he needed to make money off the shellfish.

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Source: Clarin

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