Mauro Icardi broke his silence after the romantic versions between Wanda Nara and Keita Baldé

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A new scandal was uncovered last Wednesday which has Wanda Nara star after it emerged that the media had traveled to Dubai to meet the Spanish footballer of Senegalese origin Keita Balde Diao.

As confirmed by the Spanish journalist Jordi Martin in intruders (America, 1.30 pm), the entrepreneur is allegedly having a fiery love story with the footballer and explained that the good vibes between them would have even started when Keita was Mauro Icardi’s teammate at Inter.

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“Icardi learned that Wanda and Keita had met in a Dubai hotel,” the Spaniard said in the program hosted by Florencia de la Ve.

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The truth is that this Friday, Guido Záffora, speaker of the show series, He said he had spoken to Icardi in the last few hours after details of this alleged romance were publicly leaked between the mother of his daughters Francesca and Isabella and his former partner.

“I’ve been talking to Mauro Icardi for some time and he’s wrong. He’s surprised. He confirms that this conversation isn’t from now. Keita has been writing to him for a long time. He tells me that he knew about the comments, the audios, the photos and that Wanda tells him everything”, underlined the Intruders panelist on what the Turkish striker from Galatasaray told him.

Subsequently, Záffora underlined a point in which Mauro made a precise clarification on his relationship with the African-born footballer: “He’s not my friend… He was just my teammate at Inter Dubai.”

Finally, the journalist revealed that Keita has been trying to get closer to Wanda for some time and that after the Wandagate scandal he took the opportunity to get closer. “He started texting him when we were in Milan, then Paris…everywhere,” the speaker said.

Word of Simona, the wife of Keita Baldé

In Intruders (America, 13:30) they also shared an audio of Simona Guatieri, current wife of Keita Baldé, in which she ignored the rumors that her husband was having an affair with Wanda Nara.

“Jordi, I don’t live on gossip, I don’t live by putting my life on Instagram. I’m a different person from them. Mauro contacted me and told me that my husband invited his wife to Dubai and this is fake news” she said Simona.

In any case, the Spanish journalist who launched this news took the trouble to clarify that Icardi himself actually communicated with Keita’s wife but to confirm whether this information on the relationship between the entrepreneur and the Senegalese-born footballer was come to them.

For her part, Baldé Diao’s wife assured that it’s all a media strategy by Wanda and Icardi: “They argue between the two. Today there is Keita in the middle and tomorrow another player. They live like this, becoming jealous of each other. ‘other”.

Although Simona is convinced that her husband has not betrayed her and it is an extramarital affair, the Spanish journalist reiterated once again that he knew from a very good source that Keita was with the eldest of the Nara sisters. “What they tell me is that Keita is super besotted with Wanda,” he said.

Source: Clarin

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