Camilo and Evaluna have published an open letter clarifying Indigo’s gender identity

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Camilo and Evaluna became Indigo’s parents a few months ago and since then versions have emerged that the child would be “non-binary”. This Sunday, the couple released an extensive open letter against these rumours.

“For the past few days we have been getting a mouthful of questions and intensity from the media and especially gossip programs about an alleged news story which claimed that we had decided that our daughter would be recognized as non-binary”began writing in his post Camilo, who has more than 27 million followers.

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“We deeply respect the people who make this decision, but it’s not our case. They took some interview videos out of context where we referred to Indigo in a neutral way because until the day he was born We never found out her gender because we never had any ultrasounds.”continued the artist.

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At the same time, Camilo said he and his wife would let the rumors go but ultimately decided to go out and talk. “We thought not to comment on the matter, and let it pass, as we did the 50 times they said it our marriage is in crisis, we are about to divorceetc etc,” he said.

“But we found the amount of hateful and judgmental messages we received disturbing,” he stressed and continued, “and we started thinking How can people in the LGBTO+ community feel, for example? in the face of a world that points at them, judging them, pointing fingers and condemning”.

“Imagine how intense and complex it can be for a person to go through such a process of recognition, and find himself with a society full of stones in his hands waiting for the first signal to throw them”, added the composer of Tutu.

At the same time, the artist has emphasized the importance of respecting each person’s personal research without judging. “We believe and strive to create a world and a future where we invent more ways to love, recognize, respect and embrace our differences”condemned.

“We send you a cuddle, a hug from the soul and from the center of our family unit. Camilo, Evaluna and Indaco”, he concluded.

Indigo was born on April 8 and since then fans have believed that she is a non-binary child. A post that Ricardo Montaner made a few days ago and which mentioned her as “she” also generated a strong controversy.

“Me and her are going on vacation… #IndigoySuAbuelito”Ricardo wrote next to a photo of him carrying Índigo in his arms. “It will be him because he is non-binary according to the parents,” wrote one netizen.

“If it’s a girl and you have to call her as such, how awful with the parents to pretend to go against nature”, wrote, for example, one person.

“She’s a girl for God, she’s got all the makings of a girl because they’ll change her gender, what madness…”, “Congratulations to you Montaner for identifying her. You don’t know what a big mistake today’s parents are making, which is binary? Well, seeing as they grow up, they choose what they should or want to be, it’s another story, but in the meantime, sex is defined”, were other comments.

Before being born, Camilo had said: “Whether it’s a boy or a girl, it will be called Indigo, It’s a word that means a lot to us. It’s not just the name of a color that we love, but a presence of light that has been in humanity for millennia.”

Source: Clarin

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