Rating: like Big Brother did with the elimination of Agustín

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Was the most contested definition of this tenth edition of Big Brother (Telephone). And that wait to see who was the thirteenth eliminated at home had its echo in the minute-by-minute measurement. With which, around midnight, when it was not known whether Daniela or Agustín were leaving, the needle scratched the 22 stitches.

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And, this Monday morning when Kantar Ibope Media’s forms were released, it was learned that the reality show was, by far, the most watched of the day, with an average of 20.4 points.

Although all the Sunday galas of the cycle that Santiago del Moro usually conducts have a measure greater than the daily one, this time something more than an endgame was played for one: because the three who were on the plate, nominated by their peers, Li we had participants who had already left and then returned, thanks to the repechage.

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Thus, he was the first to be saved by the public Lucilla “La Torah”, which received only 3.38% of negative votes. She disarmed the suitcase and continued on to the final. But the night was crossed by tension and it is clear that the vote was evenbecause when Del Moro announced that the eliminated was Agustín, it was learned that came out with 50.81 percent, against Daniela’s 49.19.

At that point, at midnight on Sunday, the house has been divided and the appraisal has been activated. From that measurement also won the satellite cycle of the reality show, Pluto TV, let’s spy on the house, who placed second with 14.3. The third place of the day went to Pasapalabra, famous editionwith 8.4.

The Top five of the day concluded with travel code (7.2), also by Telefe, and with the film spider man away from homewithin CinemaShampoo V (El Trece), which got 5.4.

The podium of the other channels

The most viewed of El Trece were all the films of Film shampoo, Spiderman first, followed by The edge of darkness (5,3) and Enemy at the gateswith 4.6.

In Elnueve, above all it was found Argentine key with 1.8, ahead of I live for you (with 1.4) and Squid cooking, with 1.3. Armed podium of America with GPS (1.7), selfie mode (one point) and a draw between real secrets Y It’s Sunday, we’re on timewith 0.9 for each.

The reward for summer expeditions village festival it gave 1.8 in public television, and also 0.8 in second place with other material from the same festival in another slot. The third was Holy Masswith 0.7.

Parade of Vernuccie Viví el carnaval leads the NET TV ranking with 0.6, ahead of nosy in the afternoon, with 0.4. And in Bravo the can was aimed at distill lovewith 0.3, followed by The value of your jewels and the soap opera nursesboth with 0.1.

As for the general ranking of the seven broadcast signals, Telefe (which this time failed to win the evening slot) he won with a 7.3 averageahead of El Trece with 4.4 and Elnueve, with 1.1.

The second part of the ranking was made up of América in fourth place and its round point, followed by Televisión Pública (with 0.6), NET (0.4) and Bravo, which got just a tenth of a rating.

Source: Clarin

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