The reprehensible proposal that Silvio Berlusconi must accept after Monza’s victory against Di María and Paredes’ Juventus

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Last December, the controversial Silvio Berlusconi He had returned to center stage after promising the players of the Monza club, which he owns, to take a “bus” of prostitutes “up to the changing rooms”, if they beat some big rivals such as Milan or Juventus, which he beat this Sunday 2-0 as a guest.

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“More than 100 people have already called me, asking me to fulfill my commitment…”Berlusconi said so, according to what was published on Monday by the newspaper ‘La Repubblica’.

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The former Italian premier and current president of Forza Italia, 86, had made these statements during the club’s Christmas dinner organized on Tuesday evening, according to the Italian news agency Ansa.

Microphone in hand, Berlusconi celebrated having chosen a new coach in September “good, nice, polite and able to motivate our players”.

“I added one more reason, because I told the players: now Juventus, Milan, etc. are coming, and if they win against one of these great teams, I’ll bring a bus full of whores to the locker room”. in front of the laughter of those present.

La Gazzetta dello Sport regretted this “unfortunate” comment. La Repubblica stressed that this excerpt was not published on Berlusconi’s Twitter account, where he posted videos of that evening with players, club officials and sponsors.

But Associazione Calcio Monza’s 2-0 victory with goals from Dany Mota and Patrick Ciurria this Sunday against the mighty Juventus (where the Argentinians were angel of mary, Leandro Paredes Y Matias Soule) relaunched Berlusconi’s old promise.

general disapproval

These statements have aroused many reactions in the country. “We asked the prime minister (of Italy’s ministers) Giorgia Meloni, the first female prime minister, what she thinks of these shameful words” by Berlusconi, Emma Pavanelli, of the 5 Star Movement, reported to the Chamber of Deputies.

Laura Boldrini, former president of the Chamber of Deputies, denounced these “undignified words, even more disgusting to have been uttered by a senator of the Republic and a party leader” on Twitter.

“This is no longer acceptable, the ‘okay, it’s just a joke…'”, reacted to AFP Mari Casalucci, a member of the trans/feminist movement ‘Non Una Di Meno’. “What Berlusconi said is a violent, unacceptable sentence and he should make an act of reparation,” she added.

Contacted by the AFP agency, Monza confirmed that a delegation of players attended that dinner but did not comment on the controversial statements of its president.

Berlusconi is still linked in Italy, but also abroad, to ‘Rubygate’, a case of libertine parties, organized by the ex prime minister, with young girls, sometimes minors. The entrepreneur was also acquitted of child prostitution charges, but in this case he remains accused of tampering with witnesses.

Monza, bought in 2018 by the former president of Milan, is playing the first season of its history in Serie A. The Lombard team is currently 14th, after a difficult start and the change of coach in September.

Source: Clarin

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