He went viral due to a faint and his life changed forever: a year later, the Telenueve reporter spoke

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A year after the accident suffered live while making a phone call on the street, the reporter of nineteen at noon (Nine, at 12) Charles Ferrara remembered the day when passed out in the air and told exclusive details of the drastic life change which he has done ever since.

“I work as a reporter in a television news and I always see tragedies. E I don’t see what happened to me as a tragedyI see it as an opportunity,” Ferrara began in a video he made for the first anniversary of the event that marked him forever.

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And he recalled: “On January 13 last year I had to cover the Colon Theater with people being vaccinated. We arrived around 10, 10.30 and it was very hot… I felt out of breath and I said to my partner ‘I’m out of breath, I don’t feel well’, but I had to hold on.”

Also according to his story, that day the news conducted by Claudio Perez he started and in the middle of the cell phone he started hearing “he wasn’t answering” until a certain time he felt he was seeing “all black” and fell.

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“While on the floor they searched me, I had very high blood pressurethey said it could be a heart attack, a stroke, there was an ambulance so at the moment he was being taken care of,” said Carlos, who after that event started taking care of his body and proposed to lose weight.

“It was 12:30 and I woke up at 21:00 the same day. I reacted and I saw myself in a room alone, not quite understanding what was happening until a doctor comes, tells me what happened and then I start going back,” he added.

The reporter said that that day his high blood pressure reached 20, that he had high blood sugar and that this lethal combination plus the 40-degree heat they caused caused him to lose consciousness and pass out.

“Technically they call it syncope. They told me if the pressure goes up a little more I could have easily died“Ferrara says.

And he said, “Here I found out I was diabetic and had to change absolutely all my habits. First I started walking a lot, dieting and then medication. These three things kept me going. Today I lost 27 pounds and my blood sugar was going down so much so that today I am as if I were a normal person. In March, God willing, I finish my treatment and they take me off my meds,” she revealed.

Carlos has opened up to the public and said he wants to “continue to stand behind what he started.” “This process of finish well and then he will come and keep it… I feel this can help someone e With me, helping a person is barbaric, it is a question of will, of attitude, of loving oneself», he specifies.

Is closed: “I wanted to take that opportunity to heal myself, to move forward and live a better, healthier life.”

In addition, the Telenueve movilero said that “there are many people who have written to him”.They messaged me with love, wishing me the bestthat I recover and there is no way to pay for it”, he closed in this regard.

On the other hand, in a report that was uploaded to the El Nueve profile, with more statements by the journalist, he added: “This is for me. I want to heal, I’m healing, and the people who really love me are the ones who enjoy what’s happening to me“Carlos said.

“If I am cured afterwards and the people around me, like my daughters, my wife, my parents, my sister, my friends, are happy, that is a success. But this is for me”condemned.


Source: Clarin

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