Home Entertainment Alfredo Casero’s controversial messages against the brothers who kissed on stage at the Cosquín Festival

Alfredo Casero’s controversial messages against the brothers who kissed on stage at the Cosquín Festival

Alfredo Casero’s controversial messages against the brothers who kissed on stage at the Cosquín Festival

Homemade alfredo took to social networks to make a rather striking and ironic comment on the recent presentation of Ezequiel and Facundo Possethe brothers who have become a trend on social networks for winning the Pre Cosquín as a stylized dance partner and kiss on stage.

The choreography of the brothers caused a sensation and although some defended the young, others, as in the case of Casero, strongly questioned the performance.

The actor and comedian, through a series of tweets, Was dumped after seeing what happened before the popular holiday. In the THEY (America, 8 pm) Ángel de Brito read Alfredo’s messages right in front of the two dancers, guests on the dance floor.

“That dance: clarifies the story of the gaucho who desires the other. Silent. And suddenly he breaks away. It is a classic of putile masturbation. We are all whores. We males are either rapists or latent whores. I feel overwhelmed. The thing about the little Dupuy changed my mind”wrote the first Cha-cha-cha in the first of his messages.

And he continued in another tweet: “Conxhudas matamachos sleeve with saggy boobs didn’t say anything? No respect. You are the child killer. You are the child killer. Come one by one.”

After reading the actor’s messages, De Brito tried to interpret what his intention was in posting it. “There are people on fire. Mix everything. It is not clear. She made a bizarre combination, because she put poor Dupuy in “said the driver in reference to the case of Lucio, the child murdered by his mother and partner.

And then Ángel highlighted, reading the humorist’s tweets: “When irony is not understood so much, it’s complicated”. For his part, the driver gave the floor to the dancers to know what they thought, but they did not understand the criticisms: ‘I don’t know if it’s against or for’”expressed Facundo, closing the topic.

The Posse brothers explained their choreography at the LAM

The brothers Ezequiel and Facundo Posse were a trend on social networks after participating as a stylized dance couple, which, unlike a folk dance couple, it allows for innovation in each choreography within a traditional folklore basis.

The painting that has generated controversy in the 2.0 world is called “Los Amantes” and they talked about it at LAM, where they were guests on Monday.

“It is based on the story of (Julio) Cortázar, made within a backing track with the cueca ‘Sin palabritas’, performed by Hernán Figueroa Reyes and which has aroused a lot of controversy because in the middle of the choreography there is an approach that for We It is not a kiss but a choreographed movement”, said one of the brothers.

They both acknowledged that when they prepared this painting, their mother, Jennifer, told them: “It’s a bit much.”

But then he would support them in every decision and step they would take to finally be able to keep the prize that gives them the opportunity to perform in the next few days at the Cosquín National Folklore Festival 2023. “We are very risky, ” they said, proud of the conquest.


Source: Clarin


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