More problems for Dani Alves: his wife Joana Sanz would be determined to ask for divorce after being accused of sexual abuse

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Dani Alves continues in the eye of the storm. The 39-year-old Brazilian is in custody due to a complaint against him which accuses him of an alleged sexual assault against a woman at the Sutton nightclub located in Barcelona, ​​last December 30th.

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This case is widely covered in the international press. In the last few hours, an exclusive news has been leaked. ¨El Programa de Ana Rosa¨, a Spanish magazine hosted by Ana Rosa Quintana, revealed that Joana Sanz, wife of the former Barcelona player, would change her position and was thinking of filing for divorce from her husband.

Of course, in the early days of Dani Alves’ arrest, she was very sure that her husband. “I know who my husband is, I know how I met him and I know how respectful he is, because not even when he was meeting me did he disrespect me. I have seen many times how women approach the booth, daring, to try something with my husband in the face. If they do it in my presence, I don’t want to imagine when I won’t be there.”Sanz said.

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However, according to information from the Spanish program, the 29-year-old Spanish model would be very sorry for defending him and her intentions would be to ask him for a divorce. One of her indications is that she has decided to delete all the posts that she had on her Instagram account of her with the recent World Cup player in Qatar 2022.

Since the arrest of the Brazilian, Sanz has received many messages of repudiation for the position initially assumed. “You are a daughter of p…! Your husband is a rapist”, if I were you I would commit suicide and so you don’t suffer, hahaha, you are a waste of skin”were just some of the messages he received.

The details of the life of Dani Alves in prison

The Brazilian, who has been one of Messi’s best partners throughout his career, is in jail for rape. A month has passed since what happened on December 30 at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona, ​​​​that night in which a 23-year-old girl, immediately after being raped, abused and raped in the bathroom of a bowling alley, denounced the 39-year-old – years old footballer.

While your lawyer Christopher Martelpresented this Monday the conditions for his probation, an inmate of the The Brians 2 penitentiary center located in Sant Esteve Sesrovires told how Dani behaves in prison.

“He walks normal and ordinary. He doesn’t have a special life there, nor is he treated differently”he began by describing Dani Alves’ life behind bars.

Yet it does not go unnoticed. He is still the player with the most titles in football history (42 against Messi’s 41). “He’s a good boy, he’s a good boy. He’s super calm, they’re asking for autographs… I’m hallucinating”added the prisoner.

The attitude he has is one of boredom, a lot, it’s a very boring life. But he was already playing ball, playing some games with the boys there, who are for his own crime.said the inmate, who is being held in another form.

Source: Clarin

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