The crime of Lucio Dupuy: “The lack of pain of the mother and partner attracted my attention”, said the prosecutor of the case before the sentence

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A day after the sentencing for the brutal crime and abuse suffered by Lucio Dupuy, La Pampa gender prosecutor Verónica Ferrero revealed that she had caught her attention “the degree of perversion” and the “lack of pain” which showed the mother of the 5-year-old boy and his partner.

“There were two people who, according to the expert reports, have such a degree of perversion that led them to commit this serious crime together,” Ferrero said.

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In an interview with Continental radio, the judicial official specified that they are the defendants of the aberrant crime “They were aware of what they were doing”.

Ferrero stressed that “the psychological examination that was carried out determined it They had no degree of alteration in their mental faculties And no drugs or alcohol were involved: they were aware of what they were doing”.

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Furthermore, and when asked what caught his attention in the case, he stressed, “The lack of pain, I haven’t seen it in any of the defendants, no mourning situation for the death of the child. It was what most caught my attention in the debate,” she said.

Ferrero insisted that “in the oral debate that took place in 2022, numerous proofs were brought to demonstrate the responsibility of the mother and the mother’s partner”.

THE the prosecution asked for a life sentence for the defendants of the crime, the mother, Magdalena Espósito Valenti, and his fiancée, Abigail Páez.

The evidence that compromises them, the images of a neighbor’s surveillance camera, the chats, the time of death and the accusation of hate crime in the complaint, are the keys to a process that will unfold with the sentence that will be read at 12 in the courtroom on the second floor of the judicial city of Santa Rosa.


The hearing court composed of judges Daniel Saez Zamora and Andrés Olié and judge Alejandra Ongaro will issue a sentence this Thursday. If the magistrates understood that they were guilty of the crimes they are accused of, the penalty that would fall on them would be life imprisonment.

This would close a first phase. The thing is The Dupuy family has already announced that it will sue the province of La Pampa before the United Nations Organization or the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights for state violations leading to the death of the child.

His lawyer Aguerrido also anticipated that they will carry out a Penal complaint against employees of the Healthcare Area who intervened in Lucio’s care in the months preceding his death and who, despite the injuries and injuries sustained, did not activate a protocol to treat him as a case of juvenile violence.

Source: Clarin

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