Netflix: The Tragic Story That Inspired the Movie ‘I, Tonya’

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Netflix premiered the film “I, Tonia”starring the American actress margot robbiwho seeks to arouse great emotion in subscribers with this fantastic story based on a real case.

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The feature film exposes the life of Tonya Hardingan American Olympic figure skater, with a low-income family struggling to make her dream come true: the Olympic medalalthough his goal becomes far away, because some thugs break the knee of Nancy Kerrigan, his opponent, and blame Tonya for what happened.

The young woman started figure skating at the age of three. During that time she discovered the great passion of her life, which she even resorted to as a refuge from verbal and physical abuse she received at home from her mother, Golden Lavona.

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Her mother spent most of her time attacking her, calling her a “fat”, “ugly” and “failed”. She even forbade her to go to the bathroom during her workouts because she made sure she shouldn’t have any interruptions.

Introduced to the world of her mother, who made her costumes by hand due to lack of money, Tonya learned as a teenager competitive.

Between 15 and 18 years old, won the Skate America contest in 1989 and was subsequently consecrated US champion in 1991. In addition, she became the first woman from her country to perform at triple axis (a jump with a turn of three and a half turns).

After these successes, the skater could not repeat those figures, though his individual abilities remained intact, despite his constant bouts of flu and asthma.

In January 1994 he met his great rival, Nancy KerriganA cultured and refined woman, with sponsors like Reebok and Revlon. Tonya, on the other hand, had wardrobes created by her mother, unkempt bangs and masculine features.

A few days before the race, Kerrigan was attacked as she came out of her training for the Detroit National Championship by Shane Stant, hired by Harding’s ex-husband Jeff Gillooly, along with his bodyguard.

This action was televised, and the media replayed the moment of the attack over and over again.

Tonya Harding He had gotten married at 19 with Gilloly, to run away from home, but the marriage lasted three years, because of the beatings he gave her. And it was no wonder then that her ex-husband was involved in the attack on Kerrigan.

The final between Harding and Kerrigan was watched by 48.5 million Americans and ended up being the third most watched sporting event in the United States.

In competition, Harding was eighth, due to a failure in one of his skates. When he returned to the United States, he pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in the investigation of the case.

Tonya Harding had three years of probation, he was awarded 500 hours of community service and a $100,000 fine. Also, he had to withdraw from the 1994 national figure skating championship as well resign from the United States Figure Skating Association.

“I, Tonya” Official Trailer

Source: Clarin

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