Strong denunciation of a Foundation against Alfa: “We ask for expulsion”

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The bad relationship that Walter Santiago, better known as Alfa, has with Ariel Ansaldo has had major repercussions and now an association is trying to bring to justice a request so that expel the 61-year-old participant from Big Brother (Telefe).

“A foundation calls for the expulsion of a participant in Big Brother”, said Nicolás Magaldi in EPA! (America, Monday to Friday at 11am). It is the Foundation for Peace which, through a letter, has asked for the expulsion of the ‘little brother’ for mistreating his partner.

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“Mr. Ansaldo is intimidated, abused and menacingly harassed, with Mr. Santiago’s conduct perpetrated with premeditation and treachery as part of a systemic design”reads part of the document that has been released on the American program in the last few hours.

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fernando miguezpresident of the institution, spoke with Magaldi and told more details.

“The Foundation is for human rights and care for the environment,” said the man in telephone communication with the cycle.

“The defense of rights is what we have always done. Justice knows us well,” she said.

“We receive complaints from society and in defense of widespread rights we appear before the Courts”He explained.

And he detailed: “We made a presentation to Telefe, Paramount and Kuarzo telling them that we were asking for (Alfa’s) expulsion. That if they hadn’t agreed with us on that note, we would have filed a complaint ”.

Soon after, he told why they ask Walter Santiago to leave the most famous house.

“We are preventing a greater evil”, he clarified. “This is telling them that they are advertising something very similar to what a barrabrava and that this conduct, while accepted by some and not harmful, is aggressive conduct by others and should otherwise be publicly exposed.”

“We are not the ones to say the crime, we simply enumerate. Who decides is the Public Prosecutor’s Office“, he indicated.

“This morning we presented the complaint to the Public Prosecutor of the Municipality and in the end they will decide whether we are right or not and whether they promote it or not”Miguez concluded.

The tense relationship between Alpha and Ariel

Ariel Ansaldo He was one of the last to enter Big Brother. In mid-December he joined the reality of Telefe together with Camilla Lactantius and, from the very beginning, his presence in the house created discomfort Walter Santiagopopularly known as Alpha.

In the almost two months of living together, there have been many occasions in which the little brothers have crossed paths.

“The only negative is the relationship I have with Walter which, apart from his birthday, we have discussed. We got to a point where I even lost the will to row with that. Unfortunately I should be of age and tell you that we could solve it, but there is no case”, Ansaldo acknowledged at the end of January, in dialogue with Santiago del Moro.

“For me, there are issues where there is no going back,” said the attendee. “I am inflexible, totally inflexible. I heard Ariel came in to try and get me out. And get me out by inventing something no one believed”Alfa has kept on its side.

“No one expects them to be friends. Yes, instead, that they can live together. And be careful of the limits they cross. Be more intelligent. They must learn to put themselves in each other’s shoes”, Santiago del Moro launched at that moment.


Source: Clarin

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