How big was the new Big Brother nominations gala?

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This Wednesday (February 1), already with nine participants in the house of Big Brother (Telefe) A new plate was put together for Sunday’s elimination.

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Participants going to the plaque are Ariel, Nacho, Walter, Marcos and Juliet. Of the five, Camila has to save one to be the leader of the week. And regarding the rating, as expected, THE brothers once again gave Telefé a chance to dominate the battle for the public.

Big Brother (Telefe) was the most watched program of the day, with average 20.8. He followed it Pluto TV presents: We spy on the house (Teleph), with 13.9. And completed the evaluation podium Phone calls with 10.9.

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Santiago del Moro started the new day that would end with the mystery of who will go to the next plate this Sunday (February 5).

It should be remembered that there is less and less left until the grand finale of the reality show in which 9 players remain in the running for the juicy prize. This week, Camila is the leader who has immunity and a chance to save one of the candidates.

vote after vote

And as the gala wore on, here’s how attendees voted:

Romina voted for Nacho and Ariel: “The first vote is for Nacho, we get along well, but he was one of the first ones with whom I didn’t have much affinity. And a vote for Ariel. We get along well, he’s a good companion, but I have more confidence with the others “, he stressed.

Walter nominated Ariel and Marcos: “The first two votes are for Ariel as a matter of affinity. And the second is for Marcos because I think he won’t be nominated,” he said.

Daniela nominated Ariel and Alpha: “My first two votes are for Ariel because she always argues with Alfa over a matter of coexistence. And the other point is for Alfa for the same reason,” she said.

Nacho voted for Marcos and Julieta: “The first two votes are for Marcos for a matter of strategy, I feel he could be in the pot. I’m going to rate Julieta no matter how much she hurts…it’s all about the game,” he said.

Lucila nominated Alfa and Daniela: “The first two votes are for Walter because Camila is the leader and I know she will save him. The second vote is for Daniela because of those who stay, she is the one who would hurt me the least if she were to leave,” she said.

Ariel mentioned Giulietta and Romina: “The first two votes are for Julieta because since I arrived she has let herself go, the idea is to make a bigger and different dish from the last ones. The second vote is for Romina for the same reason, she hasn’t been nominated for a long time.

Marcos voted for Nacho and Ariel: “My first two votes are for Nacho because even though we get along, I think I don’t have as intense a relationship as with the others. The other is for Ariel for the same reason, but since she’s been here less time than my colleagues, I don’t have much affinity,” she said.

Camila named Nacho and Lucila: “My two votes go to Nacho because of some comments he throws, I didn’t have much affinity with him either. The other goes to Lucila, although we get along very well this week,” he said.

Juliet voted for Ariel and Alpha: “My first two votes are for Ariel. Even if I’ve found myself better in the last few weeks, it’s as if I had to name by affinity today, it’s him. There’s something that doesn’t allow me to open up, I think it’s a matter of feeling. The second vote goes to Walter. It’s hard for me because I love him so much. The house without him would be different. I’ll give it to her for fun, to see what Camila does, who’s the leader,” he said.

Tonight Camila will be able to save one. Who?

Source: Clarin

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