Disney 100 in concert: Mickey returns to the Teatro Colón

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This is more than syncing live music with movies. It’s having the characters from Disney movies right there, at your fingertips, on the stage of the Teatro Colón. A Colón full of children (and adults), eager to hear some of the most popular songs of the animation studio, which celebrates its centenary with this show, Disney 100 in concert.

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It is the fifth co-production between the Teatro Colón and The Walt Disney Company, after Disney in Concert: Film Symphonywhich took place in 2019. Then there were two more shows with cinema screenings: Star Wars: A New Hope concertin 2020, before the pandemic, e Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Concert (2022), and among them, in 2020 took place magic and symphony.

The midley of "Mary Poppins", one of the most brilliant of the show.

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The midley of “Mary Poppins”, one of the most brilliant of the show.

There are 16 films that are reflected and remembered, as well as a couple of special issues. The boot is with the blue starFrom Pinocchio, with the singers lit only on their faces, which creates a beautiful effect. After the screening of the first Disney short film (The paddle steamer WillieMickey Mouse’s first on-screen appearance), arrives locked It all started with a mousewhich refers precisely to the beginnings of the company and its character.

In chronological order, the first awarded feature film is Cinderellaand when the Fairy Godmother asks the audience how dreams come true, a child spectator, a fan of the film, from a high stage cannot hold back his nervousness and yells at her “Bibbidi-Babbidi-Bu”which is the title of the song to be performed.

"Under the sea", one of the songs of "The Little Mermaid" in the concert.  How much are the tickets?

“Under the sea”, one of the songs of “The Little Mermaid” in the concert. How much are the tickets?

From there, the connection between what happens on stage and what is seen on screen, and the audience, will continue to merge, as allies, and when intermission comes, the kids will want playtime to end quickly, to see and further enjoy.

Of the best

Among the best moments, the Mary Poppins medleywith songs Supercalifragilisticexpialidose AND to the rhythm of my song, with display of fireplaces and mapping. From The little Mermaid, Part of him.

"The Lion King", another time honored classic.

“The Lion King”, another time honored classic.

There are very good performances, such as that of Patricio Witis, already a regular at these shows, but also very good singers – that of the aforementioned The little Mermaidthe one who sings Colors in the wind (Pocahontas) OR Paula Chouhy, with i will arriveFrom The Princess and the Frog– they deserve your recognition.

One of the most magical moments, along with that of Mary PoppinsAnd of aladdinespecially with An ideal worldwith the princess and the protagonist flying on the magic carpet.

Mapping and fans on stage for "Reflejo", the theme of "Mulán".

Mapping and fans on stage for “Reflejo”, the theme of “Mulán”.

Of course, themes of The Lion King (I wish I was the king AND Endless loopMoreover), The beauty and the Beast, the jungle bookwith Baloo on stage, mulan, tangled AND Vaianauntil you reach Charm.

And a Disney show without Elsa singing I am freeFrom FrozenIt wouldn’t be a Disney show.

Could not miss "Libre soy", from Frozen ". And there is no shortage.

Could not miss “Libre soy”, from Frozen “. And there is no shortage.

Under the musical direction of Maestro Thiago Tiberio -who has already conducted other shows of the same nature here-, the Academic Orchestra of the Teatro Colón, made up of young student musicians, played splendid and sumptuous, when it should be.

There are more than 30 artists on stage, including singers, dancers and acrobats, who perform various moments of some of the most iconic songs from Walt Disney Animation Studios films (there are none from Pixar, so don’t get too excited listening Coconut or any of toy story). Directed by Peter Macfarlane.

"Moana", one of the last performances of the show.

“Moana”, one of the last performances of the show.

There are 17 functions, from this Friday 10th to Thursday 23rd, including a relaxed and inclusive function, which will be adapted to offer subdued sound and light effects. Ticket prices for common functions range from $3,500 to $19,500. And on Thursday the 23rd at 2pm, the relaxed one has the highest value in the stalls at $9,750.

“Disney 100 in concert”

Stage address: Peter Macfarlane. Direction of the orchestra: Thiago Tiberius. Musicians: The Academic Orchestra of the Teatro Colón. Performers: Patricio Witis, Angeles Díaz Colodrero, Diego Bros, Paula Chouhy and others. Duration: 95 minutes, divided into two acts, plus intermission. Functions: from 10 to 23 February Prices: from $3,500 to $19,500. Room: Colon Theater.

Source: Clarin

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