Sofía Aldrey reappeared on the networks in the midst of her scandalous separation from Fede Bal

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In the midst of the scandalous separation with Fede Bal due to his repeated infidelities, Sofia Aldrey has reappeared on social media and posted the first photo in months.

This last week it was revealed that Carmen Barbieri’s son would have been unfaithful to the make-up artist on several occasions with different famous as Claudia Albertario and Estefanía Berardi.

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The actor chose to go to Córdoba and spend an introspective weekend while she remained silent for a few days.

This Sunday, the Mar del Plata posted his first photo after the scandal it came to light where it was seen on a beach in Uruguay. In a light blue one-piece swimsuit and sunglasses, Bal’s ex smile looking at the camera and accompanied the image with wave emoji.

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Sofia Aldrey's post from the beach.

Sofia Aldrey’s post from the beach.

Immediately the followers of the young woman, who are more than 70,000, commented on the images, offering her words of support in this difficult moment she had to go through.

“That’s how we want to see you. Women don’t cry, women bill…”, “The whole country is betting on you, queen”, “Divine!! So much woman for such a small man. Come on!!”, “What a nail you got!”, were some of the comments Sofía received.

What Sofía Aldrey said about Fede Bal chats that have come to light

Days earlier, the Mar del Plata woman had made statements THEY, where Yanina Latorre gave details of the scandal. Speaker Pepe Ochoa received WhatsApp messages from the young woman while they were live and read them live.

“She tells me she’s very distressed because “Carmen never called me or said anything to me. It even seemed like they were laughing at me on the show.’ She’s also mad at Estefi,” Ochoa explained.

Thus Berardi, who is designated as one of the women with whom Federico had sexual relations, commented: “Carmen wants to call you.” “Yes, but it’s been a few days and that hasn’t happened,” the speaker replied.

Bal and Aldrey were together during her illness.

Bal and Aldrey were together during her illness.

In the chats revealed in Intruders you could see a dialogue between Bal and Berardi in which they spoke of a meeting at midnight in the same house where they stayed with Carmenwhile he slept.

After the sexual encounter, messages were sent highlighting the skin they had when they were together. Plus, the actor tells her about it He wants to tattoo his happy face on his chest.

About these chats, Aldrey said: “I have nothing against Estefi. There are so many that he is one of the group, but it is the most recent and I am outraged that it continues to lie”.

The makeup artist defined the

The make-up artist called the actor “pathological”.

“I just want the truth to be known about how he manipulates and hurts. It ended here for me. It’s all been said already, this isn’t just some horny gossip,” she added.

“He’s a pathological boy with a problem that uses people and hurts. I am very sad and I speak so that the truth is known. I have nothing to do with this medium nor do I care. I just want people to know how she’s doing,” the makeup artist said.

Source: Clarin

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