Franco Masini, the Argentine actor who filmed the sex scenes with a privacy department

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Franco Masini always puts himself to the test. He does it almost out of inertia, but also to remind himself and re-validate the chosen path with facts. “Traveling makes me grow up and see what it means to get lost. When I was in Mexico for 10 months due to the pandemic and spent most of my time alone, it was a demonstration that I had towards myself and towards the profession”, analyzes the actor, with sections that continue to invite him to travel and one that calls him especially in Spain: All the times we fell in lovea series created by Carlos Montero (Elite), premieres February 14 on Netflix.

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The preview keeps him busy in the heart of Madrid, his new home away from home. The 28-year-old actor who, agitated but enthusiastic, explains it clarion while he is “from side to side”. In this Spanish tour, which has nothing to do with tourism, the former “Rebelde” visited a college set like a junket, which, in addition to showing a preview of the series, was the location of the new millennial romantic comedy .

“We had incredible female directors, one of them nominated for a Goya. This series gives a wink, not only in terms of love, but debuts on Valentine’s Day and we will celebrate it a lot,” says Masini, who in addition to acting with Spanish Georgina Amorós He is the only Argentinian in the team.

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Travel and come back too

Franco Masini comes from work in Mexico and various places in Europe.  He has now settled in Madrid.  Photo: Courtesy of Gabriel Machado

Franco Masini comes from work in Mexico and various places in Europe. He has now settled in Madrid. Photo: Courtesy of Gabriel Machado

“I’ve been away from home a lot in the last few years, but I’ve come back because I love my country. The previous I finished this series and went to make a film in Mexico with Alejandro Speitzer. I always ask myself first what will contribute to me and what I will give to a project. Sometimes it doesn’t have much to do with my place on the bill,” he clarifies.

-Doesn’t it keep you awake when you see your biggest photo on a poster?

-No, of course a leading role in Spain is a great opportunity, but always with the aim of doing their job well, whether it’s that or a small role. As long as the goal is growth.

-When did you understand?

– I think I never thought about it. I always did what I liked without looking for anything else.

The first time I performed, I only had one text in one show that lasted two hours and I had to wait an hour and forty five to tell. And in the other scene they killed me. But I was happy, from Thursday to Sunday, for three months. You always have to come back to that. After that, anything consistent with the job is welcome, but the focus must be elsewhere.

-Not in the suburbs of fame and its environs?

-I think you should always be grateful, but be prepared for all that is good and bad. You will always have people who like your work and people who don’t. If you are aware of the impact of what you do, it can harm you. When I give what I have to give, I am already satisfied.

And I’m happy with this series that has given us a lot of freedom to compose. We had almost two months of rehearsals to get to know Georgina. With exercises to let go and get to know each other.

The privacy department

Franco Masini and Georgina Amorós, the protagonist couple of "All the times we fell in love".  Netflix photo

Franco Masini and Georgina Amorós, the protagonist couple of “All the times we fell in love”. Netflix photo

-As a result of the #MeToo movement in countries like Spain, they have incorporated a privacy department on sets. Did it give you confidence in the face of the most vulnerable scenes?

-It gives you security and trust with each other. The prerequisite is always respect, and starting from that everything is easier. For me it was a success, because Just as there is a fight coordinator in a fight scene, here is a sex coordinatorBecause in the end what you do is like a choreography. Trying to ensure that there are no gray areas, that there are rules, clear extremes and we work calmly on this.

The code of the series is very natural and the sex is too. An intimacy where you sweat and don’t look good. Like life itself.

And previews: “This romantic comedy is about the love of the protagonists, but also has the dressing to be something else. Not only to identify with that love that hurts, that heals, but with different aspects of life. That young people’s idea of ​​looking for a place in the world, a nod to success and failure. And it also shows that face of love where everything is not as beautiful as it seems”.

-The famous “happily ever after”.

-And it also teaches you many things like failure, frustration, detachment in love…

-How close do you feel to this concept of romantic love, with your age and your experiences?

-Today there is more and more this idea of ​​free love and of being able to have the freedom to choose the other all the time, but always with freedom and that nothing binds you. That when it comes to a relationship it is essential to feel free to always choose the other.

"All the Times We Fall in Love," the eight-part Netflix series starring Franco Masini debuts February 14.

“All the Times We Fall in Love,” the eight-part Netflix series starring Franco Masini debuts February 14.

-Does the road to 30 naturally lead you to review your ideas?

-I constantly rethink things and introspect to grow in every way, not just in love. Even though I started when I was very young and that gave me a certain structure, like that of an adult child, when you’re really approaching a certain adulthood I’ve found myself wanting to do things that I didn’t do as a child.

You also realize what you want to change, improve, and the tools one incorporates are essential.

-Living abroad for a long time will have given you new…

-Yes, because you start to rethink everything. First you say: where are they? as I do? It’s a constant adaptation. To the way I live with you, because you leave the set and you’re alone. It’s not just leaving Argentina to work. But all movement is positive. You make decisions that take me a little bit out of all things flat. I like to always be on the move.

Frank, the fidget

Franco Masini also has a musical career, for now on "stand by".  Photo courtesy of Gabriel Machado

Franco Masini also has a musical career, for now on “stand by”. Photo courtesy of Gabriel Machado

-If it weren’t for the trips, wouldn’t you be stationary either?

-It costs me a lot, I’m a very restless person. I spend my time trying to see how to make time worthwhile and anything I can take advantage of, I do. It’s hard for me to spend a whole day in my house walking around.

-Are you guilty?

-No, but I want to explore, to keep searching and observing. For example, is there a show I might be interested in doing in the future. And I spend my time investigating. It’s more of a personal interest. An idea I had a few years ago to make a certain character, but for now they are still ideas in development. It’s a process I’m filming all the time.

-Apart from art, are you just as curious?

-It’s something I’m trying, but this is more routine. That’s why I go very often to the same place to eat because I love it. Or my tastes in general it is more difficult for me to broaden them.

Franco Masini is the protagonist of "Every time we fall in love", by the director of "Elite" Carlos Montero.  Netflix photo

Franco Masini is the protagonist of “Every time we fall in love”, by the director of “Elite” Carlos Montero. Netflix photo

-In Spain you will have no choice…

-I also put together my little routine, I had everything. My little place to eat, the place where I loved going to the cinema, the little square where I used to read the book, because I love reading. I feel that reading is a place where you also clear your head and gradually incorporate things into your consciousness.

When I was shooting this series, being the lead, I was there every day and in all the scenes. But I needed a certain routine that would allow me to relax a bit like going for a run or having coffee with a book.

the international way

In an Argentina that still breathes World Cup air, Franco has just played his World Cup. “It’s very nice to start making an international journey, as happened with Rebel (Netflix) in Mexico. Doors were opening for me thanks to the series RivieraWhat did I do with the actress? Julie Stiles in France, Italy and England,” he reviews.

-And you brought some of the culture of Buenos Aires to Europe, when you gave yourself the pleasure of tangoing in a scene with her.

-It was an amazing experience! Julia really wanted to learn and if there was a dance, she wanted it to be tango. We spent two months rehearsing with the classes to improve and to make them learn. I knew something, but it wasn’t even a light. Maybe she’d taught her something, because she’d acquired some schooling.

It was also a good experience to work in English and come to Spain later because it made me go back to Europe and travel on weekends to keep getting to know countries.

"Whenever we fall in love" Netflix

“Whenever we fall in love” Netflix

-Were you able to pack a family or couple on one of those trips?

-When we finished recording the series, we rented a house with the cast in Formentera to close the cycle. Of course my girlfriend came to visit me several times, also my father, my sister in Mexico. Luckily I also made friends in Madrid, in the Justicia district, which is now like my home.

-You have also been seen very close to director Manolo Caro -creator of the series the house of flowers– with whom you have become friends.

-We became friends in Mexico and later came to live in Madrid when I was there. Today he is a great friend and the fact that we both live here as foreigners makes us understand a lot. There’s always the idea of ​​working together and I think at some point we will.

-Theatre is a discipline that always draws you in, even if you don’t bind yourself to anyone. Can you imagine buying the rights to a work tomorrow, as actors of your generation like Gastón Soffritti did at the time?

-Yes, I don’t know if from the production, but from the creative start. From the process, to the choice of a work, to the experience with a director, together. Start with the creative process. It’s something interesting that’s in my plans.

Always with the guitar

With several comings and goings, the actor who doesn’t stop racking up miles lets the singer rest. “During the pandemic, I had a year to write my songs and I did it with a lot of love and effort. Obviously the profession means that you have to relegate things, but there is always a time to come back”, promises the young artist.

The poster of "All the times we fell in love", with Franco Masini and Georgina Amorós.

The poster of “All the times we fell in love”, with Franco Masini and Georgina Amorós.

-Did you let the sax rest too?

Yes, I let it rest. Every night when I go to my room to go to sleep I see it and think: at some point I have to grab it again. Since I started traveling, before the pandemic, I don’t. I feel that there are moments of reunion and attachment, but with everything. With people in life, with reading, with tools.

-Did the guitar travel with you?

-Yes, I also have one that is portable and is always a social and personal meeting point for me. It’s not like the sax, where in the streets of Madrid, which are finished, the neighbors start yelling at you.

Source: Clarin

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