On the verge of tears, Florencia de la Ve made a strong defense after the leak chat with Federico Bal

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Florence de la Ve I speak inside intruders (America, 1.30 pm) after the leak of alleged sexual chats with Federico Bal.

“They created them with the intention of continuing to stigmatize me”he assured after claiming the conversations are “fake.”

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“Maybe now on the other side there are many people who are awakening (sexually), are building their lives, their identity and I tell them: ‘Don’t be ashamed'”, he said, alluding to the fact that in the chat they were referring to their genitals.

“I will no longer give them that power,” he added after throwing a stick at Jorge Rial, without mentioning it, who had ensured on social media that the chats were real and, as he hinted, had criticized his condition as a transvestite.

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“I am a transvestite who is proud of my body and I love myself with all my heart. It took me years to say that,” De la Ve said in front of the cameras.

And he closed: “I am the driver. A beam proud of his body and his genitals”.

Source: Clarin

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