Big Brother’s Alfa met Kun Agüero on the street and the footballer surprised him with an unexpected revelation

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Walter Santiago, better known as Alpha From Big Brother (Telefe), surprised his followers of instagram with a pole he made from the public road near the same Sergius the kun Omen.

According to the former participant in the reality show hosted by Santiago del Moro In a live broadcast from the aforementioned social network, it was the former footballer who recognized him on the street.

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“Look who we just met! We are live with Kun Agüero in Libertador. What madness!”, the interrogated former participant of the Telefe cycle is heard saying in the video that he uploaded to his networks.

And goes on: “Kun Agüero looks at me and says ‘you are Alpha’. I can’t believe it, everything has changed.”

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“I swear, Kun Agüero looks at me and says ‘are you Alpha?’ This is very strong!”insists the media, known inside and outside the home for having ensured that he dated many women in between and has always shrugged the shoulders of prominent figures in the environment.

Alpha from Big Brother with Kun Agüero.  Photo: Instagram

Alpha from Big Brother with Kun Agüero. Photo: Instagram

“I used to watch from time to time Big Brother. The truth is that it was good. I didn’t have much time but the times I saw it, you were very funny“, replies the former striker.

“I have to go back, don’t I?”Walter Santiago then asks him. “For me yes but hey you saw how it is, people sometimes take it medium rare but I get it because I knew you said that in good faithGood vibes… because I understand the vibe of the jokes because I’m a real joker,” Kun said in reference to the controversy Alfa has been involved in due to her statements on the reality show.

“After all, let’s tell the truth, me he didn’t say things to attackhe said things to make me laugh”, was Alfa’s reply.

Alpha in A la Barbarossa, the Telefe cycle in which he participates as a speaker.  Television capture

Alpha in A la Barbarossa, the Telefe cycle in which he participates as a speaker. Television capture

Alfa’s controversial statements inside the house

On his way through the house of Big Brotherlasting a total of 118 days, made Alfa controversial claims on more than one occasion.

The first media sayings that generated a huge backlash were those referring to the president Alberto Fernándezwhen she said she had known him for 35 years and had bribed him “many times”.

On several occasions, the now former North Zone contestant has also made controversial comments about women and people’s physical appearance in general, such as when he expressed: “It depends on who you’re with. If I’m with a misshapen fat woman, no. If you’re with a 30-year-old beast god, I don’t know.”

Alpha of Big Brother.  Television capture

Alpha of Big Brother. Television capture

On that occasion the “little brothers” talked about the simple thing of kissing someone and Romino He couldn’t help himself when he heard her words. “No. When you’re in love, you’re in love. It doesn’t matter if he’s cute, fat, skinny, whatever. You want to be there all the time,” the ex-MP said to her face.

His unfortunate comments about obesity even earned him a complaint from the Foundation for Peace, from which they ensured that Ariel, another one eliminated from the reality show, was “victim of bullying, mistreatment and harassment in a threatening way” by the 61-year-old participant.

“We made a presentation to Telefe, Paramount and Kuarzo telling them this we asked for the expulsion (of Alfa). That if they hadn’t given us the right regarding that note, we would have filed a complaint,” the president of that body explained weeks ago, Fernando Miguelez.

in dialogue with Nicholas Magaldi for the program BEE! (America, Monday-Friday at 11am), Miguez also said: “We are preventing a greater evil.”

Source: Clarin

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