Indio Solari intervenes and confirms his retirement from the scene: “It’s time to backtrack”

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For a few days there had been great anticipation for an announced interview by the legendary Spanish journalist Vicente “Mariskal” Romero with Indio Solari, to congratulate him because his band Fundamentalistas del Aire Acondicionado won the Rockferendum de La Heavy as best international band.

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The big news of the talk was that the 74-year-old musician confirmed that due to his illness he will no longer perform live: “Right now that door is ajar, due to my illness, beyond what I want to tell you. I don’t want to turn this into a critical thing, it doesn’t allow me to be at my best. Unfortunately for me, Parkinson’s is progressing, but we have to fight it”.

Indium Solari.  Photo: IG 2022

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Indium Solari. Photo: IG 2022

“It seems to me that it’s time to step back and dedicate yourself to being a councilor, and stop annoying young people because you end up being a stopper. They have to grow up and this cap doesn’t give more, ”she said.

On the other hand, he stressed that he will continue to be a studio musician, referring to himself in the third person. “The coach doesn’t have a direct vocation, he wants to make music and let whoever he wants play it. I’d like to make ten, twelve songs for people to sing.

Source: Clarin

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