Home Entertainment Emotional post from Chano’s mother after the singer woke up from his sedation

Emotional post from Chano’s mother after the singer woke up from his sedation

Emotional post from Chano’s mother after the singer woke up from his sedation

Marina Charpentierthe mother of Santiago Moreno Charpentierpopularly known as Chanopublished an emotional post on social networks after it emerged that the singer woke up after being in intensive care for a week at the Otamendi sanatorium.

Although there is a lot of secrecy about the health of the musician, who is still in the medical center with a reserved prognosis, it was learned on Friday that he woke up and, according to what was reported to TN extensionsources close to the artist would have confirmed that he no longer has a fever.

The mother of the former leader of so bionic He shared a photo on his Instagram account. In the image Chano is seen as a child with his brother Bambi Moreno Charpentier.

Chano's mother's emotional post.  Instagram.

Chano’s mother’s emotional post. Instagram.

The woman also set the story to music with a part of a well-known song by the band that her son knew how to direct, Music: “Music, as we fall there is music. Even if it’s all wrong out there. I am the speaker of my city”.

He also wrote another part of the theme that says “every day in the world there is a way to be resurrected”. Something I had already done Bambi in their networks and that it had sparked versions of an improvement in Chano’s health.

Chano's mother shared a message from María Julia Oliván.  Instagram.

Chano’s mother shared a message from María Julia Oliván. Instagram.

Prior to that post, Marina had shared two stories from Maria Giulia Olivan. One of these is a video in which the journalist shows her little son pictures of a Chano recital and teaches him her name.

On another plaque, Oliván’s son can be seen running through his house to the tune of the song The immortals and celebrate that the musician has woken up. “Chano woke up. I put The immortals and look at Tony! Force”wrote and added a heart emoji.

What Chano’s mother said about the singer’s health

Meanwhile the health secret of Santiago Chano Moreno Charpentier, his mother Marina Charpentier talked to George Lanata to tell how he lives this difficult moment.

“He has an individual intensive care room. We are with him. He is always accompanied”he said in dialogue with wool without filterthe Radio Miter programme.

And he continued: “We shake his hand, we transmit things to him that we don’t know if he listens. It’s a difficult time he’s coming out of, because it’s not the first time. We know: he is a fighter, resilient, he wants to live, I have no doubts that he will continue.”

Marina, Chano's mother, was very worried about her son's health.

Marina, Chano’s mother, was very worried about her son’s health.

He’s intubated because he has an infection. He had a fever and a lung complication. He smokes a lot of cigarettes. They had to sedate him because he tore his tube, when his throat deflates they’ll wake him up,” he said.

Furthermore, the interviewee made a clarification on her son’s way of life: “I would like to say something else. For all the commentators who say ‘why don’t they hospitalize him for a year, two years, why does he play, why doesn’t he play? My son he is 41 years old, has no wife or children, is a loner at heart, and His pain, his underlying anguish, his existential anguish, his joy and his sadness are expressed through music.“.

His art saves him. He needs to work, he loves to work, that’s what’s good for him. And on the other hand, even if I wanted to decide about his life, there’s a mental health law I’m fighting to be changed that doesn’t let me do what I want with his life: hospitalize him, take him out, put him in, change it. You can’t,” she closed.

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