Cande Tinelli sent forward Cristian Castro and revealed an unusual comment that the singer made to him during a cut

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Invited as a surprise speaker at THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 8pm) Candles Tinelli surprised by an incredible anecdote about his relationship with Christian Castrowhile they were partners on the judging panel of sing with me now (El Trece) last year.

While he had little attendance during the program’s inception, he took center stage when panache angel He asked him to tell the anecdote of the rubber ducks with Cristian Castro.

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“Lately Amalia Granata Cristian Castro called, and I remembered he was your partner on the judging panel. How was that experience?“The driver wanted to know. “A Lust”was Cande’s succinct answer.

Cande Tinelli replied to Yanina Latorre about her relationship with Cristian Castro.  Television capture

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Cande Tinelli replied to Yanina Latorre about her relationship with Cristian Castro. Television capture

Although the driver went more and started cheating him. “Did you understand something he was talking about? Because she talks strange, she makes strange allusions. It has like a parallel dialogue,” Brito opened the game.

The truth is that I understood littlebut I don’t know what to say because I’m next to devil 1 and devil 2,” he joked, referring to Janina Latorre and Angel. “But Cristian is divine, very cool. The first few days he came to greet me in the locker room”, he said.

AS Yanina Latorre went down to the bone: “Did he throw the dogs at you?”, He wanted to know. “Could be. It’s like very sensitive, you don’t catch its vibrations, it’s so feminine…”, she replied a little doubtful, taking care of her words so as not to get into controversy.

It was there when Ángel, to the surprise of his companions, He asked her to tell about the rubber ducks. “You are a HDP” was Cande’s reaction, but he immediately clarified the unusual anecdote.

Marcelo Tinelli with Cristian Castro in "Canta con me ora".

Marcelo Tinelli with Cristian Castro in “Canta con me ora”.

“Out of nowhere, when we cut the recordings He told me he wanted to be at the Hilton in the rubber ducky bathtub”, revealed. Amid laughter at what he was saying, he Marcela Feudale reminded him of an embarrassing moment she had with him with a twist that it was in a recording. “He IS like half a poet, but I don’t catch the wave. If there was something weird, like a groping and my partner was next to it.”

Cande spoke of Marcelo Tinelli’s sentimental novelties

Elsewhere in the evening, he was asked about his father’s sentimental gift. “I see it very well. He’s just having fun. In fact I think she doesn’t want to be with anyone. I talk about everything with my old man, we’re like friends. We have a great relationship, almost like a friendship. He gives me great advice,” he said.

Cande Tinelli was an invited speaker at the LAM.  Television capture

Cande Tinelli was an invited speaker at the LAM. Television capture

Although he acknowledged that “The one who challenges me at home is my sister (Micaela), who is like my mother.”

They also asked him about his mother, loneliness aquinas and the alleged relationship with Alpha. “I don’t watch Big Brother and I don’t understand it. I heard something from Alfa with my old lady, like she was from San Isidro, but I don’t follow it.”

Speaking of Alfa, Marcela Feudale said that the former GH had told her that he had worked many years ago at Tinelli’s production company, and that he had known her since then, but she didn’t remember him. “I think my father doesn’t record it”Cande fired, leaving the participant a lie.

Just before closing the program, the driver hit her with her father. “Marcelo tells me you’re not answering your phone and he wants to know if he can come and pick you up at the exit to go to dinner with you and Tirri”.

Then Cando told him that he had just replied via WhatsApp and that yes, once the program was over the three would go to eat together.” There, de Brito asked him to stay the whole week as a speaker and Cande accepted that I was going to think so, but what he had to check his schedule to see if he could.

Source: Clarin

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